Kucinich listens to the RAGE message

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NW RAGE, along with other environmental groups in Portland, met with presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich on April 12. Representatives interested in forest activism, air pollution and toxics, and sustainability were o­n hand to discuss our environmental concerns. Dennis wanted to know what issues were important to us, so he can incorporate them into his presidential and congressional platforms. I'm always able to bring these issues up on a national level for public discussion' he said.

Dennis has introduced legislation to label GE Foods in the House of Representatives.

Modified rice won't be planted

GE Plants and Crops

Modified rice won't be planted -- for now State halts planting of rice for pharmaceutical use

Public to have say before state rules on bioengineered crop
Charlie Goodyear, SF Chronicle Staff Writer
Saturday, April 10, 2004

State agricultural officials have blocked efforts to plant genetically engineered rice in Southern California for what would have been the nation's first crop bioengineered for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Native Americans Denounce Genetically Engineered Foods

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM.--Genetic engineering of sacred foods and medicines presents unnecessary risks for Native communities and must stopped, said organizers of a recent event held to inform consumers about the dangers of genetically engineered foods.

Speaking at a press conference at La Montanita Co-op, a local health food store, Clayton Brascoupe, director of the Traditional Native American Farmers Association, said, "Very few Native people know about genetically modified foods and how they might affect our people.

From Chainsaws to Gene Guns

Genetically Engineered Trees

By Populus and Pseudotsuga
Earth First! Beltane 2003

The genetic engineering of trees is a continuation of civilization's domination of all that is wild.

The executives and scientists of biotech corporations can only see the forests for their genes: They are rushing to patent, control, engineer and commodify solely to increase their profits. In their blindness, they do not understand that forests are a wondrously complex and beautifully interdependent system of millions of plants, bacteria, fungi, trees, animals, and insects all with their own intrinsic right to exist.

Pull together ... protesters vow to root out GM crops

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John Vidal
Saturday September 27, 2003
The Guardian

Professors, clergymen, politicians and professionals have signed a pledge to pull up any genetically modified crops that may be grown commercially in Britain, according to a new national group that is hoping to get 10,000 people to register their strong disapproval to the government. Buoyed by the 5 to 1 public rejection of the crops recorded in this week's national debate results, Oxford-based group Greengloves said it was hoping to get people to pledge to non-violently pull up the crops or to financially support others who do.

GE People Will Not Compete

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The IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which organizes drug-testing worldwide, have written just one sentence into their new list of banned substances and methods for which competitors can be banned.

But the 25 words prove that the sport's world no longer considers the idea of manufacturing a "designer arm" to win Wimbledon ( news - web sites) or "super-knees" for Olympic downhill glory as the subjects of science fiction. They threaten to become reality.

Iowa Farmers Organize

Farmers and Farming

From week.com (nbc)

Illinois corn farmers say the food industry needs better safeguards to prevent a repeat of a biotech crop scare that triggered recalls and cut prices in 2000.

Back then corn that wasn't approved for human consumption accidentally got mixed with other crops. The European Union doesn't allow import of biotech crops.

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