The Franken-scientists are comming to San Francisco

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San Francisco Bay Area Residents Pledge to Shut Down Biotech Convention
in solidarity with G8 Summit protests in Georgia

Call to Reclaim the Commons unites Peace, Racial Justice, & Global Justice Movements

Mayor's Office at odds with City resolution and ordinance supporting precautionary principle

San Francisco, CA. Bay Area Peace, Racial Justice, and Global Movement
organizers have called for a mass mobilization to Reclaim the Commons, as
the biotech industry prepares for its biggest convention ever in San

Percy's battle is lost, and the war continues

Farmers and Farming

Monsanto wins key biotech ruling

Full text of decision at

The Supreme Court of Canada made biotechnology history Friday with a 5-4 ruling that a Saskatchewan farmer violated a patent Monsanto Canada Inc. held on genes of genetically engineered canola seeds.

Monsanto abandons worldwide GM wheat project

GE Plants and Crops

The company had proved that GM wheat increased yields by 5% to 15% but consumer resistance to the idea of eating GM bread - particularly in Europe - meant the biggest part of the US export market would disappear overnight.

In yesterday's statement, Monsanto acknowledged that there was not a sufficient market to make the introduction of its GM wheat worthwhile and said it was concentrating on corn (maize or sweetcorn), cotton and oilseeds such as rape, where it already has a large seed market.

Farmers Protest at US/Canada Border

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79 Vermont towns have passed measures calling for a Time Out on GMOs, and the House & Senate have now approved a measure to label all genetically engineered seeds sold in the state. Today's rally coincides with farmer protests in over 26 nations around the world to stand up for farmer's rights and food sovereignty, and say no to GMO crops and corporate 'free'-trade.

African groups criticise U.S. over GMO food aid

Global Struggle

"Both decisions were strongly criticised by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Food Programme (WFP) and constant pressure has been applied in both countries to remove the restrictions," the groups said.

"The scenario presented by WFP and USAID to these African countries is either they accept GM food or face dire consequences. These actions are totally unacceptable."

Troubled waters: flourescent fish spark GM row

Genetically Engineered Fish

GloFish genetically modified with jellyfish glow green, while those mixed with coral genes have a reddish hue when exposed to black or fluorescent light. At $5 a pop, they are more than five times as expensive as non-glowing zebra fish. What makes them politically contentious, however, is the fact that they are the world's first genetically engineered species to be made commercially available.

Venezuela to Prohibit Transgenic Crops

Global Struggle

Before a recent international gathering of supporters in
Caracas, President Chavez admonished genetically engineered crops as contrary to interests and needs of the nation's farmers and farmworkers. He then zeroed in on Monsanto's plans to plant up to 500,000 acres of transgenic soybeans in Venezuela.

"I ordered an end to the project," said President Chavez, upon learning that transgenic crops were involved. "This project is terminated."

Kucinich listens to the RAGE message

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NW RAGE, along with other environmental groups in Portland, met with presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich on April 12. Representatives interested in forest activism, air pollution and toxics, and sustainability were o­n hand to discuss our environmental concerns. Dennis wanted to know what issues were important to us, so he can incorporate them into his presidential and congressional platforms. I'm always able to bring these issues up on a national level for public discussion' he said.

Dennis has introduced legislation to label GE Foods in the House of Representatives.

Modified rice won't be planted

GE Plants and Crops

Modified rice won't be planted -- for now State halts planting of rice for pharmaceutical use

Public to have say before state rules on bioengineered crop
Charlie Goodyear, SF Chronicle Staff Writer
Saturday, April 10, 2004

State agricultural officials have blocked efforts to plant genetically engineered rice in Southern California for what would have been the nation's first crop bioengineered for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Native Americans Denounce Genetically Engineered Foods

Global Struggle

ALBUQUERQUE, NM.--Genetic engineering of sacred foods and medicines presents unnecessary risks for Native communities and must stopped, said organizers of a recent event held to inform consumers about the dangers of genetically engineered foods.

Speaking at a press conference at La Montanita Co-op, a local health food store, Clayton Brascoupe, director of the Traditional Native American Farmers Association, said, "Very few Native people know about genetically modified foods and how they might affect our people.

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