GE Papaya Tree Scandal In Thailand

Genetically Engineered Trees

Illegal GE seeds found in packages sold by Department of Agriculture
SOURCE: Greenpeace
DATE: 27 Jul 2004

GE papaya scandal in Thailand
Illegal GE seeds found in packages sold by Department of Agriculture

THAILAND/Khon Kaen - We warned the Thai government over a year ago not to
play with genetically engineered (GE) papaya but they didn't listen.
Although trials of the engineered food crop are banned, it seems they
couldn't resist having a go themselves. Now they have left the whole

First GMO Free Zones Declared in Poland

Global Struggle

First GMO Free Zones Declared in Poland

The establishment of GMO Free Zones has recently been gaining momentum in many
European Countries, largely as a result of consumers' rejection of GM foods, but also worries about lasting damage to the natural biodiversity of the landscape.

In Austria, almost every province in the Country has either declared itself a GMO Free Zone or has indicated that it wants to become one. In Italy nearly eighty percent of communities have declared themselves GMO Free and In Greece forty Prefectures out of fifty four have done the same.

Franken-Milk Being Phased Out?

Genetically Engineered Food

Monsanto Likely Phasing Out Controversial Bovine Growth Hormone
Are Rats Jumping Off Posilac Ship?

While Monsanto remains quiet about the fate of its genetically engineered cow hormone, Posilac, signs are that more rats are jumping off the ship.

In late January 2004, Monsanto announced a 50% reduction in sales of Posilac to regular customers. That followed a December 19, 2003 announcement of a 15% cutback.

New California Alliance Against GE crops Forms

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As more than a dozen California counties launch campaigns to ban the
growing of genetically altered crops, a new alliance was announced today to
battle the rising threat from the biotech industry.

Called the BioDemocracy Alliance, the group combines the resources and key
staff of two groups: GMO Free Mendocino and the Organic Consumers Association.

"We formed the BioDemocracy Alliance specifically to beat back the
biotech bullies who want to undermine the rights of California counties, to

GMO? Not in my county!

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The group needs 6,200 valid signatures from registered voters. They say
they've collected nearly that many already, but invariably a quarter of
those will likely be thrown out.

Organizer Leslie Johnson, an attorney who wrote the legislation, said
signatures can be thrown out if they aren't legible, if the person has
moved and not re-registered to vote, signs the petition twice or believes
they are a registered voter but are not.

She said the goal is to collect at least 9,000 signatures.

About 50 volunteers who have named themselves Citizens for a GE-Free

GE PharmChickens Already Here in Michigan

Genetically Engineered Animals

The Associated Press

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) " Bill MacArthur could feel the pressure of $18 million from a small group of investors and several hundred genetically altered chickens pecking at him.

He wasn't really sure if he could deliver for either one.

MacArthur is a hyperkinetic scientist and entrepreneur who is the driving force behind GeneWorks Inc. In a nutshell " make that an eggshell " GeneWorks is on a mission to breed genetically altered chickens whose eggs will carry essential ingredients for pharmaceutical drugs.

FAO declares war on farmers, not on hunger

Global Struggle

Through an open letter delivered at noon today to the Director General of FAO in Rome, hundreds of civil society organisations from across the world denounce the recent annual report of the FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organisation) as a disgraceful public relations tool for the genetic engineering industry

Portland economist calls biotech economy "laughable"


States, cities court biotech, but is it worth it?

June 09. 2004 5:06PM
AP Biotechnology Writer

Governors and mayors from across the country were in full force at the biotech industry's annual convention this week, offering tax breaks, government grants - even help with parking - to lure biotech companies.

Yet biotech remains a money-losing, niche industry firmly rooted in three small regions of the country.


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For humans, we won't overstate the case - there isn't 100% proof that the use of rBGH in cows increases antibiotic resistance and cancer rates in us. But, we won't understate the case either - there is a substantial, growing body of scientific data pointing in this direction. It defies common sense that we are human guinea pigs for this drug that has not been demonstrated to be safe and has no benefits whatsoever for the consumer.

One fish, two fish, red fish, GloFish? The onset of GE pets

Genetically Engineered Fish

By Cecile Couraud
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering

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