Farmers, Activists to Take to the Streets in Thailand

Global Struggle

GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS: Farmers, activists to take to the streets Groups hope to persuade Cabinet to call off today's expected lifting of ban on fieldtesting

Organic farmers and other concerned groups from around the country will today hold a protest in front of Government House in an attempt to pressure the Cabinet into rejecting a proposal to lift the ban on the widespread testing of genetically modified crops.

The Cabinet is today expected to reverse a former resolution that banned the testing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) except in the laboratory.

Here Come the Genetically Engineered Insects

Genetically Engineered Insects

Go-ahead for GM insect release

The pink bollworm is a major pest of cotton worldwide

By BBC News Online's Helen Briggs

The first release of a genetically modified insect is expected to take place in the United States this summer.

A moth has been engineered to contain a gene from a jellyfish in the first stage of a genetic experiment designed to eradicate the cotton-destroying pest from the wild.

A total of 3,600 of the moths will be set free under a cage within a one-hectare (three-acre) cotton field in Arizona.

Thai Government Implements POLICY REVERSAL: Green light for GMOs

Global Struggle

POLICY REVERSAL: Green light for GMOs

Published on Aug 21, 2004

PM authorises planting, trading of modified crops after testing

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday bestowed the government's
tacit blessing on the planting and trading of genetically modified (GM)
crops by revoking an earlier ban on their commercial use, in defiance of
wide opposition from farmers, environmentalists and consumer networks.

In contrast to the current policy that only permits GM crops to be grown
in laboratories for experimental purposes, the revision will allow for

Biopharming Scares Kraft / General Mills


Biotech request alarms food industry

The Grocery Manufacturers of America is concerned about ProdiGene's plans
to grow biotech corn in Texas.

Washington, D.C. - A biotech company is seeking federal approval to begin
regular production of pharmaceutical corn crops, a move that has alarmed
the U.S. food industry.

The Texas-based company, ProdiGene Inc., gave the biotech industry a
black mark two years ago when it was caught mismanaging field trials of
genetically modified crops in Iowa and Nebraska.

ProdiGene, which is commercializing two medical products made from

The Trojan Fish

Genetically Engineered Fish

The rapid development of genetically engineered fish is posing irreparable impacts on aquatic ecosystems. Researchers already are developing more than 35 species of genetically engineered fish. At least one company, A/F Protein, has requested approval from the FDA to market as food an engineered salmon that grows 10 to 30 times faster than normal salmon.

'Frankenfish' spawn controversy

Genetically Engineered Fish

Debate over genetically altered salmon

Jane Kay, Chronicle Environment Writer
Monday, April 29, 2002

It looks like a North Atlantic salmon. But it grows seven times faster, and it's much more attractive to the opposite sex than a normal salmon.

It's a transgenic fish, the first genetically engineered animal under review for the U.S. food supply. Embedded in every cell of its body are genes from the Chinook salmon and the ocean pout fish that make it grow more quickly.

Oji Grafts Natural Eucalyptus Onto Gene-Altered Eucalyptus

Genetically Engineered Trees

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Oji Paper Co. has successfully grafted natural eucalyptus
onto genetically modified eucalyptus to create trees that grow well in
acidic soils without worry that genetically altered seeds will spread in
the environment.

The graft has the root system of a eucalyptus tree
genetically modified to absorb nutrients in acidic soils, where
eucalyptus normally does not thrive. The rest of the graft from the trunk
up is derived from a natural eucalyptus tree. Using a greenhouse isolated
from the environment, the company has verified that these trees mature

Show me the Biopharming!


Judge orders USDA to ID biocrop locales

HONOLULU -- A federal judge has ordered the U.S. Department of
Agriculture to identify where four companies are performing open-field
testing of genetically modified crops in Hawaii.

U.S. District Judge David Ezra on Wednesday said the government must
reveal the locations to the environmental watchdog group Earthjustice and
the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit group that tracks food production

The groups sued the government in November, alleging that the agency has

No to GM Trees

Genetically Engineered Trees

Sam Burcher reports on a global movement to ban GM trees

Some 400 GM birch trees ( Betula pendula ) in a single GM field study situated in Punkaharju, Finland have been either ripped up or cut down by unknown parties at an estimated cost of 1.21 million euros in June 2004.

After the attack, the researchers at the Finnish Forest Research claimed that their purpose was to examine the environmental risks of horizontal gene transfer. When they originally applied for permission for the field trial in 2000, however, it was to study the carbon-nitrogen processes of GM trees.

NGOs Threaten to Sue Over GMO Papaya Tree Seeds

Genetically Engineered Trees

Published on Jul 30, 2004

A group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) yesterday threatened to
sue a senior government official if relevant agencies fail to stop the
distribution of alleged genetically engineered papaya seeds within 15

Their ultimatum followed Tuesday's raid by environmentalists on an
agricultural research station in Khon Kaen where genetically modified
seeds are alleged to originate.

The station is considered the country's largest supplier of papaya seeds.

"We will lodge complaints with police and the Administrative Court against

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