New 'Gene Flow' Problems Concern Crop Producers

GE Plants and Crops

New 'Gene Flow' Problems Concern Crop Producers

The Associated Press
September 23, 2004
SAN FRANCISCO -- California rice farmers are worried Japanese customers will boycott their products if genetically engineered rice is allowed into the state.

And in Hawaii, organic papaya farmers are outraged because traces of genetically engineered papaya are showing up in their harvest.

Frankenfish: Just Another Monster?

Genetically Engineered Fish

Frankenfish: Just Another Monster?

Genetic technology has entered aquaculture, but not many are catching the wave

Story by Dan Blouin

Transgenic salmon may appear to be the best thing since tartar sauce for the
business of aquaculture, but so far it seems fish farmers and consumers alike just aren't taking the bait.

Genetic Map Of Important Tree Genes Outlined

Genetically Engineered Trees

Genetic Map Of Important Tree Genes Outlined

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Researchers in Sweden and the United States have publicly

Genetically Engineered Trees in the Southern United States

Genetically Engineered Trees

Genetically Engineered Trees in the Southern United States
April 2004
Presentation Compiled by Compiled by WildLaw

Genetic Engineering

"Genetic engineering refers to a set of technologies that are being used to change the genetic makeup of cells and move genes across species boundaries to produce novel organisms. The techniques involve highly sophisticated manipulations of genetic material and other biologically important chemicals."

Union of Concerned Scientists

Common Terms

GE Trees: Myths Vs. Reality

Genetically Engineered Trees

GE Trees: Myths Vs. Reality

Table of Contents

GE Trees: Cornering the market on future timber supplies
Herbicide Resistance
Insect Resistance
Salt, Cold, Wet & Drought Tolerance
Disease Resistance
Lignin Reduction: Wobbly Trees
Sterile Trees: A No Win Situation
Pollen Pollution= Patented Pines and Poplars
Trees for Toxic Clean Up?
GE Trees and Native Forests
End Notes


GE Trees: Myths Vs. Reality

Demand For GE Corn Recall in New Zealand

Genetically Engineered Food

GM Corn Recall Demand Has Food Authorities Scrambling

GE Free (NZ) is demanding a total national recall of the MON 863 (A484) corn by New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) following revelations that it was found to be harmful in secret animal-feeding trials.

Welcome to the GM Republic of Soya Beans

Global Struggle

Welcome to the GM Republic of Soya Beans

When I studied geography at school, I was captivated by photographs of
the Argentine pampas: an unimaginably vast wide-open plain, replete
with golden fields of wheat & corn, and rich green pasture dotted with

During the late 1990's when I first visited this enormous country -
the world's eighth largest - the landscape was just as enchanting, wild
and varied as it had seemed in those dog-eared textbooks.

Yet, when I returned there recently, I was shocked and saddened by

THAILAND: Clean-up Operation Likely For GM Papaya

Genetically Engineered Trees

THAILAND: Clean-up Operation Likely For GM Papaya
Bangkok Post, 14 Sep 2004

First Concrete Action Since Denial Of Spread

Clean-up operations will be organised to tackle possible contamination of plantations in the country by genetically-modified (GM) papayas, the Agriculture Department said yesterday.


Genetically Engineered Trees


1.GOVERNMENT ADMISSION: GM papaya confirmed in NE

The Nation, Sep 15, 2004

Ministry says it will immediately destroy all crops found to be contaminated

The Agriculture Ministry yesterday admitted it
had found genetically modified (GM) papaya on a
farm in Khon Kaen and vowed to destroy the
produce of any farm where GMO (genetically
modified organism) contaminated fruit is

Agriculture Minister Somsak Thepsuthin said the

Twelve Reasons Africa Should Reject GE Crops

Global Struggle

Article from Seedling Magazine (published by GRAIN).

Africa is in danger of becoming the dumping ground for the struggling GM industry and the laboratory for frustrated scientists. The proponents of GM technology sell a sweet message of GM crops bringing the second green revolution and the answer to African hunger, but a closer look makes it clear that GM crops have no place in African agriculture.

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