Suppressed NAFTA Report Released By Greenpeace

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GMOs: Greenpeace Releases NAFTA Report That US Tried to Hide
EU WTO case bolstered by recommendations

Brussels, 19 October 2004 - Greenpeace today released a NAFTA [1] report that recommends all US maize be milled on entry to Mexico, and that Mexico keep its moratorium on genetically modified (GM) maize planting to protect biodiversity. The report, written by the NAFTA Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), also recommends that all GM maize imports be labelled as such. The US government had stalled the publication of this report since June.

Embattled Professor Ignacio Chapela Refuses to Give Up

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Ignacio Chapela's Last Stand

The status of an embattled Cal biotech critic may well end up in a judge's hands.

Monsanto Wins Canadian Supreme Court Case Against Farmer Percy Schmeiser

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Last Updated Fri, 21 May 2004 22:18:59 EDT

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against a Saskatchewan farmer Friday, saying since U.S. biotechnology giant Monsanto holds a patent on a gene in its canola seed, it can control the use of the plant.

In a 5-4 decision, the court upheld Monsanto's patent over its Roundup Ready canola plant gene, ruling Percy Schmeiser infringed on the company's patent by growing the plant without a licence.

Percy Schmeiser says he was fighting for farmers

Percy Schmeiser VS. Monsanto Corporation

Farmers and Farming

Percy Schmeiser's Battle

CBC News Online - May 21, 2004

It was billed by some as a classic David-and-Goliath confrontation between a Saskatchewan family farmer and biotech giant Monsanto Canada - a case of the rights of the small farmer to continue a traditional way of farming. Others saw it as theft - a blatant attempt to take advantage of years of research and development of a better product, without paying for it.

Monsanto Gets Sued by Louise Schmeiser for Contamination

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Monsanto Facing Another Schmeiser Suit
Last Updated Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:20:48 EDT

HUMBOLDT, SASK. - Chemical giant Monsanto is facing a second legal rendez-vous with a Saskatchewan farm family that took a battle over genetically modified canola to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Louise Schmeiser has filed papers with a small claims court in Humboldt, Sask., seeking $140 in damages from Monsanto.

Schmeiser says that is what it cost her to remove a number of Monsanto's Roundup Ready Canola plants from her organic garden and a grove of trees on the family's property.

Controversy Rains on GMO Crops

GE Plants and Crops

After the papaya ringspot virus threatened to destroy Hawai'i's papaya industry when it first appeared in 1992, genetically engineered papayas were released in 1998 as an attempt to stop the potentially-devastating virus.

The release of genetically-modified products has sparked controversy between organic farmers and those who opted to use genetically-modified seeds to save their crops.

Scientists, some at the University of Hawai'i, genetically engineered the "Rainbow" and "Sunup" papaya varieties to be resistant to the virus.

Consumer Effort Pushes for Global GM Moratorium

Global Struggle

Evidence that the consumer backlash against GMOs is far from dying down comes as consumer groups consolidate to launch a global effort to push for a moratorium on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in seeds, crops and foodstuffs.

Yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand Consumers International, a worldwide federation of consumer organisations, launched a campaign to stop the spread of GM crops until internationally agreed regulations are in place and there are clear benefits to consumers, farmers and the environment.'



There has never been a time of more centralised power and control. The free space in which we can create, co-operate, learn and share with other people is diminishing by the day as we lose our ability to think and live outside the reach of transnational corporations. They own the water, they control the media and they dominate our food supply. At the core of this control is the whole system of intellectual property rights (IPR) -- copyrights, patents, trademarks, broadcasters' rights and so on.


Farmers and Farming

When former Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) administrator L. Paul Bremer III left Baghdad after the so-called "transfer of sovereignty" in June 2004, he left behind the 100 orders he enacted as chief of the occupation authority in Iraq. Among them is Order 81 on "Patent, Industrial Design, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety."[1] This order amends Iraq's original patent law of 1970 and unless and until it is revised or repealed by a new Iraqi government, it now has the status and force of a binding law.[2]

2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Opposes Genetic Engineering, Biopiracy


The Linkage between Patenting Of Life Forms, Genetic Engineering, and Food Insecurity
by Wangari Mathai, Coordinator,
The Green Belt Movement, Nairobi, Kenya.

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