Biotech Corporations try to Force GE on Venezuela

Global Struggle

Transnational Companies Pave the Way for the Cultivation of Transgenics
in Venezuela

Misinformation, lack of governmental control and good propaganda - these are the elements that have favored transnational producers of genetically modified seeds in Venezuela. The producers claim that experiments with transgenic corn are already underway. The Venezuelan countryside is still under threat from the interests of genetically modified seed producing firms.

British Medical Association Warns of Severe Threat from Biological Weapons

GE Biological Warfare

'Act now on biological weapons'

Anthrax is one of the threats

The threat of biological weapons is real and needs to be tackled now, medical experts warn.

The British Medical Association says the window of opportunity to take action is shrinking fast.

It said the threat had intensified since it first published a report on biological weapons in 1999.

Five years on, the threat of weapons that could target specific ethnic groups is no longer theoretical and is approaching reality, says the report.

'Real threat'

Farmers Begin Receiving Payments from Starlink Corn Lawsuit

GE Failures & Contaminations

Seed-corn Lawsuit Payments to be Issued Soon

More than 8,000 Nebraska corn producers will share in an $11 million settlement of a seed-corn lawsuit.

Payments for the damage StarLink seed corn did to market prices will be issued in the form of Visa debit cards and should be in the mail in the next two weeks, Don Hutchens of the Nebraska Corn Board said Tuesday. Farmers should receive payment notifications sometime this week.

He cautioned them to not mistake the first Visa mailing as a credit-card promotion.

Flashback to November 12, 2002

GE Failures & Contaminations

Reckless USDA Policy Fails to Keep Biopharmaceuticals out of Food

Coalition Calls on the USDA for Contamination Information Including
Name of Drug or Chemical Being Withheld

CONTACT: Matt Rand, 202-887-8841
Mark Helm, 202-783-7400 x102

First Came the GloFish, Now Comes the Hypoallergenic Cat

Genetically Engineered Animals

Genetically Modified Cats for Sale

(CNN) -- A California biotechnology company has started taking orders for a hypoallergenic cat for pet lovers prone to allergies.

The genetically engineered feline, which is expected to be available from 2007, is the first in a planned series of lifestyle pets, Los Angeles-based Allerca said in a press release.

Allerca hopes to attract customers among the millions of people worldwide who suffer from cat allergies.

Engineering Humans to be free of Disease.

GE & People

'Living Condom' Could Block HIV

Genetically-modified vaginal bacteria may be able to serve as a "living condom", secreting proteins that protect women against HIV, suggests a new report.

The bacteria have already been used to cripple the virus in test tube experiments. Now the researchers are verifying whether the unmodified parental strain - a natural component of the vaginal microbial flora - can successfully colonise the vaginal tissues of rhesus macaque monkeys. And the researchers have launched a company to study the potential of the approach.

The Failure of the Biotech Industry's Scientific Basis for Genetic Engineering


Life After the Central Dogma

The biotech industry was launched on the scientific myth that organisms are hardwired in their genes, a myth thoroughly exploded by scientific findings accumulating since the mid 1970s and especially so since genome sequences have been accumulating (see Living with the Fluid Genome, by Mae-Wan Ho ).

We bring you the latest surprises that tell you why our health and environmental policies based on genetic engineering and genomics are completely misguided; and more importantly, why the new genetics demands a thoroughly ecological approach.

GE Crops and Pesticide Use in the US: The First Nine Years.

GE Plants and Crops

Executive Summary

The major genetically engineered (GE) crop varieties commercialized since 1996 in the United States have been designed to help control a damaging class of insects and simplify herbicide-based weed management systems. Over the first nine years of commercial use, 670 million acres of crops expressing GE traits have been planted, or about 23 percent of the total 2,970 million acres of crops harvested across the country during this period.

World's Largest Biotech Corporation has GE Drug Patent Revoked


U.K. Court Revokes Amgen Patent

LONDON Britain's highest court on Thursday revoked a drug patent held by Amgen, the world's largest biotechnology company, in a move with wide-ranging implications for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe.

The House of Lords ruled that Amgen was not entitled to a monopoly on the anemia drug Epogen because claims on its patent were too broad. The decision upholds an earlier verdict from the Court of Appeal, which ruled in favor of the Amgen challengers Transkaryotic Therapies and Sanofi-Aventis.

Conflict of Interest in Review of GE Creeping Bentgrass

Industry & Government Collusion

October 26, 2004


Developer of Scotts Herbicide-Tolerant Bentgrass Now on USDA Review Panel.

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