Monsanto GM corn MON810 damaged the intestines of rats – new study

GE and Your Health

Findings contradict reassuring reports on GM products, say researchers

Rats fed GM Bt corn MON810 for only 90 days suffered serious damage to the surface mucous membranes of the jejunum (part of the small intestine), according to a new study.[1]

The type of corn fed to the rats was MON810: Ajeeb YG, a GM version of Ajeeb, a locally adapted variety of corn grown in Egypt. MON810: Ajeeb YG was developed by Monsanto for the Egyptian market. The GM-fed rats ate a diet containing 30% of MON810: Ajeeb YG corn. Control rats were fed the same amount of non-GM corn.

Roundup causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at very low doses

GE and Your Health

Fatty Liver disease and glyphosate

Cutting-edge molecular profiling analyses reveal that the popular weedkiller Roundup causes liver damage at doses permitted by regulators. Report: Claire Robinson

The weedkiller Roundup causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at very low doses permitted by regulators worldwide, a new peer-reviewed study shows. The study is the first ever to show a causative link between consumption of Roundup at a real-world environmentally relevant dose and a serious disease.

First GMO apple slices to go on sale in Midwest

Genetically Engineered Trees

A small amount of genetically modified sliced apples will go on sale in 10 Midwest stores this February and March.

SUMMERLAND, B.C. — The first genetically modified apples to be sold in the U.S. will debut in select Midwestern stores next month.

A small amount of Arctic brand sliced and packaged Golden Delicious, produced by Okanagan Specialty Fruits of Summerland, B.C., will be in 10 stores this February and March, said Neal Carter, the company’s founder and president. He would not identify the retailers, saying that’s up to them.

GMO grass that 'escaped' defies eradication, divides grass seed industry

GE Bent Grass

After more than a decade of unsuccessful efforts to eradicate the genetically modified grass it created and allowed to escape, lawn and garden giant Scotts Miracle-Gro now wants to step back and shift the burden to Oregonians.

The federal government is poised to allow that to happen by relinquishing its oversight, even as an unlikely coalition of farmers, seed dealers, environmentalists, scientists and regulators cry foul.



SUMMARY: "Although it purports to be based on solid science and the open flow of information on which science depends, the massive venture to reconfigure the genetic core of the world’s food supply has substantially relied on the propagation of falsehoods."



SUMMARY: "Premium Times is very concerned about the determined march by the US-based multinational, Monsanto, to impose Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into agricultural production in Nigeria."

PREMIUM TIMES is very concerned about the determined march by the US-based multinational, Monsanto, to impose Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into agricultural production in Nigeria.

Genetically modified Golden Rice falls short on lifesaving promises

Golden Rice

GMO activists not to blame for scientific challenges slowing introduction, study finds

Famous for heirloom rice grown on the spectacular terraces of the Cordillera mountains of northern Luzon, the Philippines has become a hotbed for protests over the development of genetically modified Golden Rice. (Photo: Glenn Stone)

Dannon's Response to Unfounded Accusations about the Company's Pledge to Sustainable Agriculture, Naturality and Transparency

Winning against genetic engineering

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dannon Company is the leading maker of yogurt in the USA and has earned this position based on the variety of products we make available to American shoppers and the integrity with which we make them. In fact, over the past several years both Dannon's business and the yogurt category have grown significantly. This approach has always benefitted all of our business partners, including the dairy farmers who chose to work with us and who we value greatly.

How the FDA Manipulates the Media

Industry & Government Collusion

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been arm-twisting journalists into relinquishing their reportorial independence, our investigation reveals. Other institutions are following suit

It was a faustian bargain—and it certainly made editors at National Public Radio squirm.

Genetically Engineered Trees Condemned in Region known as "Ground Zero" for Their Development

Genetically Engineered Trees

For Immediate Release - 21 October 2016

North Myrtle Beach, SC– In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which made landfall only days before, strategies to stop the development of genetically engineered trees (GE trees) were the topic at a meeting that brought Indigenous Peoples, scientists, ecologists, and legal, social and environmental justice experts to North Myrtle Beach over October 12-18.

GE trees would threaten forests and communities throughout the U.S. Southeast–known by activists as "ground zero" for the development of GE trees.

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