Monsanto asks the FDA and FTC to curtail rBGH-free labeling

Oregon PSR Campaign For Safe Food Update
June 5, 2007

Please Take Action Now -

Monsanto is asking the FDA and FTC to curtail rBGH-free labeling. All of us
need to do everything possible to preserve the rights of businesses to
inform consumers and the rights of consumers to know what's in and not in
their food.

Please contact the FDA directly to tell them you don't want unreasonable
restrictions on rBGH-free labeling. We're working with our friends at the
Center For Food Safety and Food and Water Watch, who have the capability to
send e-mails directly to the FDA.

For Food and Water Watch, take action here
For the Center For Food Safety, take action here


Background: This isn't the first assault by Monsanto on processors and
retailers that are simply telling the truth about their companies not using
rBGH and their dairy products being rBGH-free. In 2003, Monsanto sued
Oakhurst Dairy in Portland, Maine for having this label: "Our Farmers
Pledge: No Artificial Growth Hormones." Oakhurst had to settle the lawsuit
by agreeing to add the FDA-recommended disclaimer saying there was no
significant difference between rBGH and rBGH-free milk. Of course, we
totally disagree with this statement - just go to our website at and click on Campaign For Safe Food and Know Your Milk
brochure for details.

Also in 2003, Monsanto wrote a letter to the FDA saying that virtually ANY
labeling informing consumers, such as "rBST-free," "No Artificial Hormones,"
and "Produced Without the Use of Artificial Hormones" was "misleading" and

Now Monsanto is back, urging the FDA to take further action, claiming that
". . . consumers have been and are being misinformed, misled, and unduly
alarmed; and accordingly, it is in the public's interest that such practices
be confronted, addressed, and stopped."

Please take three minutes to let the FDA know how you feel NOW. Thank you!

For Food and Water Watch, take action here
For the Center For Food Safety, take action here