Isn’t it standing in the way of progress to oppose GMOs?

Progress towards what? Progress is supposed to be 'change for the better'. Many people feel that new threats to the environment and human health, potentially irreversible forms of pollution, and the patenting of living organisms as ‘corporate inventions’ do not constitute progress.

If the biotech industry is allowed to continue with this global experiment, then we could witness the commercialisation of genetically engineered trees, fish, livestock, grains, fruits and vegetables over the next decade. In the next two decades, we could start seeing genetically engineered humans. Future generations will look back on these years as the time when human society had the choice whether or not their world was going to be genetically engineered.

In order to ensure that our voices are heard, we need to take action. There are massive commercial interests behind the introduction of genetic engineering, and support for the industry from many governments. However, there is growing opposition from many peoples around the world, and there have been great successes in this global resistance to GMOs. People have the power to work together to create the kind of world they would like to leave their children, but only if everyone who cares is also willing to act.