Iowa Farmers Organize

From (nbc)

Illinois corn farmers say the food industry needs better safeguards to prevent a repeat of a biotech crop scare that triggered recalls and cut prices in 2000.

Back then corn that wasn't approved for human consumption accidentally got mixed with other crops. The European Union doesn't allow import of biotech crops.

Biotech plants are genetically altered to increase yields and reduce costs, resisting disease and pests. Spokesman for seed providers Monsanto and Pioneer say they tell farmers who plant biotech crops to declare each spring the elevator where they plan to send their crops.

Biotech elevators are to be kept separate from those that don't accept altered crops, but Steve Pigg, president of the Illinois Corn Growers Association, says the system needs improvement so crops won't slip through and cause what he calls a train wreck.

About 28% of the state's corn crop is genetically altered.