Goals and Mission

NW RAGE promotes active resistance to the intrusion of genetic engineering into our lives, food and ecosystems. We are against corporate ownership of life. We believe so-called "life science" corporations, like Monsanto and Dow, are attempting to privatize, patent and own life to create huge profits and monopolies while ignoring the sanctity of creation.

We work to ban the release of genetically engineered organisms through education, advocacy and action. We also work to promote sustainable agriculture through activities like partnerships with organic associations and seed swaps. We see this as a vibrant and viable future for life on the planet.

We work towards:

  • A ban on genetic engineering
  • A ban on patents on any life forms including animals, plants, cells, viruses, bacteria, genes, and proteins
  • A ban on biopiracy - the theft of indigenous people's genes and knowledge
  • A ban on cloning of humans and animals
  • A rescinding of all current FDA approvals for genetically engineered products on the market
  • An increase in the scale and scope of organic agriculture
  • An increase in funding for research into organic agriculture and chemical-free growing techniques
  • The cessation of factory farming