Contact a Company

Contact food companies (contact info can be found on food packaging) and tell them you want them to take genetically engineered ingredients out of their products. Tell them you will not purchase their products unless they can provide you with written assurance that their products do not contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Another way to impact food companies is through your local grocer. Please ask the manager of your grocery store for a written statement on their policy on genetically engineered foods. Request that they identify products with genetically modified ingredients, and ask them to take genetically modified foods out of their house brand products.

Company Phone Number Company Phone Number
Coca-Cola 800-438-2653 McDonalds 630-623-3000
Frito-Lay 800-352-4477 Nabisco 800-622-4726 or 800-862-2638
General Mills 800-328-1144 Nestle 800-851-0512 or 800-452-1971
Healthy Choice 800-323-9980 Pillsbury 800-767-4466
Heinz 888-472-8437 Procter & Gamble   800-595-1407
Hershey’s 800-468-1714 Quaker 800-856-5781
Kelloggs 800-962-1413 Safeway 800-723-3929
Kraft 800-431-1003 or 800-542-5335 Starbucks 800-782-7282