WTO/Trade Agreements
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WTO rules against EU on GMOs

WTO/Trade Agreements

WTO rules against EU on GMOs

UPI Business Correspondent

WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A confidential report by the World Trade
Organization has found the European Union in violation of world trade laws
for use of a moratorium on genetically modified food products from the
United States, Canada and Argentina, according to a U.S. trade official.

The preliminary ruling concluded that the EU's effective ban on biotech

WTO Ruling Backs Biotech Crops

WTO/Trade Agreements

WTO Ruling Backs Biotech Crops

European Ban, Challenged by U.S and Allies, Violates Trade Regulations,
Panel Says

By Justin Gillis and Paul Blustein
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, February 8, 2006; D01

The World Trade Organization ruled yesterday that a six-year European ban on
genetically engineered crops violates international trade rules, according
to U.S. sources familiar with the ruling.

The widely expected ruling, though it will not be final until later this

Biotech firms form alliance to fight off possible TRIPS amendments

WTO/Trade Agreements

Biotech firms form alliance to fight off possible TRIPS amendments

SOURCE: Ip-health discussion list
DATE: 6 January 2006
URL: http://lists.essential.org/pipermail/ip-health/2006-January/008921.html

January 6, 2006

U.S. biotech firms representing a variety of industries are working to
ward off efforts by India, Brazil and other developing countries that
want to amend World Trade Organization rules to require patent holders

WTO: Much Ado About Nothing

WTO/Trade Agreements

ZNet Commentary
Sanity: Hong Kong Ministerial December 24, 2005
By Devinder Sharma

We were made to believe that everyone cannot be befooled at all the
times. Ten years after the World Trade Organisation (WTO) came into
existence, and looking at the outcome of the sixth Ministerial
Conference at Hong Kong, it is time to bury the age-old adage under the
heaps of trade drafts.

For the sixth time in a row, the trade ministers of the developing
world - representing issue-based coalitions like G-20, G-33 and G-90 -

Will there be another WTO trade round?

WTO/Trade Agreements

Will there be another WTO trade round?

Monday, December 19, 2005
By Steve Schifferes

The 149 countries of the World Trade Organisation have agreed a modest deal to end agricultural export subsidies and give more help to the poorest countries.

But where does that leave the wider trade talks, and the future of free trade?

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