WTO/Trade Agreements
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Greenpeace dismisses WTO ruling and predicts Europe will stay closed to GMOs

WTO/Trade Agreements

SOURCE: Greenpeace International

Greenpeace press release
DATE: 07 Feb 2006

BRUSSELS/GENEVA, International -- Greenpeace tonight dismissed as
irrelevant a WTO ruling that reportedly backs the US, Canada and
Argentina in their efforts to force Europe to accept genetically
modified organisms (GMOs); according to first press reports, the WTO
decided that EU national bans contravened trade rules. The environmental

Europe Bridles at WTO View on National Biotech Bans

WTO/Trade Agreements

BRUSSELS - European countries bristled on Wednesday at a world trade
ruling that touches on national sovereignty over genetically modified
(GMO) foods, with some saying they would do their level best to keep
farming GMO-free.

Europe's consumers are well known for their scepticism, if not
hostility, to GMO crops, often dubbed as "Frankenstein foods". The
biotech industry insists its products are perfectly safe, however, and
no different to conventional foods.
Late on Tuesday, a World Trade Organisation panel ruled that various EU

WTO condemns EU over GMO moratorium: diplomats

WTO/Trade Agreements

WTO condemns EU over GMO moratorium: diplomats

SOURCE: Reuters
DATE: 07 Feb 2006

GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Trade Organization, in a closely watched
ruling, decreed on Tuesday that the European Union and six member states
broke trade rules by barring entry to genetically modified crops and
foods, diplomats said.

FACTBOX - Key Findings in WTO Ruling on GMO's

WTO/Trade Agreements

FACTBOX - Key Findings in WTO Ruling on GMO's

SOURCE: Reuters
DATE: 09 Feb 2006

GENEVA - European states have reacted with defiance to a World Trade
Organisation (WTO) ruling against the European Union and six member
countries over genetically modified foods and crops (GMO).

The confidential verdict, declaring a past EU moratorium and current
bans by six member states illegal, was sent on Tuesday to the EU and the

WTO Biotech Ruling Reveals Special Interests, Say Critics

WTO/Trade Agreements

Emad Mekay
Inter Press Service News Agency

WASHINGTON, Feb 8 (IPS) - A World Trade Organisation decision that called
European safety bans on genetically modified food illegal under its global
trade rules could usher in a new phase of potentially hazardous
"Frankenfoods" worldwide and further erosion of local protections, say
environmental and advocacy groups.

The groups urged the European Union to place human health and environmental
safety first and continue to resist allowing imports of genetically modified
organisms (GMOs).

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