Winning against genetic engineering
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Monsanto sees prolonged delay on GMO corn permits in Mexico

Winning against genetic engineering

MEXICO CITY • A ban on planting genetically modified corn in Mexico is likely to continue for years as a slow-moving legal battle grinds on, said a top executive of Creve Coeur-based seed and agrochemical company Monsanto Co.

Last week, a Mexican court upheld a late 2013 ruling that temporarily halted even pilot plots of GMO corn following a legal challenge over its effects on the environment.

"It's going to take a long while for all the evidence to be presented," Monsanto regional corporate director Laura Tamayo said in an interview. "I think we're talking years."

Hawaii: Local governments can prohibit GM crops, says US Court of Appeals

Winning against genetic engineering

New ruling says federal law does not prohibit states and counties from passing local laws to regulate and ban commercially-grown GM crops

EXCERPT: The court [declared]: "The regulation of commercialized crops, both of GE and traditional varieties, remains within the authority of state and local governments." At the same time, however, the court ruled that under Hawai'i law, counties and municipalities do not have the authority to regulate GE crops (as some in other states do), and that Hawai'i state law places such authority in the hands of the State alone.

NE China province to ban GM crops

Winning against genetic engineering

Farmers in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, China's top grain producer, will be prohibited from growing GM crops

EXCERPT: The decision comes after 91.5 percent of responses in a survey in the province in October raised objections to GM crops.

NE China province to ban GM crops

Editor: Li Yan, 17 Dec 2016

Farmers in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, China's top grain producer, will be prohibited from growing Genetically Modified (GM) crops, according to a provincial regulation passed on Friday.

GMO-free: Yucatan, Campeche and QR to sign pact this week at COP13 in Cancun

Winning against genetic engineering

CANCUN — The state governments of Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche have pledged to make the Yucatan Peninsula a GMO-free region through the signing of a cooperative pact during the COP13 Global Biodiversity Summit, taking place in Cancun this week.

The declaration will be made through the states’ ministries of environment, said Quintana Roo’s minister of environment and forestry, Alfredo Arellano Guillermo.

FDA backs down from releasing genetically modified mosquitoes after lawsuit threatened

Winning against genetic engineering

KEY HAVEN, Fla. — When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it was dropping plans to release millions of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Key Haven, Florida, many people breathed a sigh of relief.

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