Terminator Seeds
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Terminator: A threat stalled

Terminator Seeds


A technology, which renders sterile the very basis of life, the seed, is defeated at the COP8 meeting but is likely to resurface later.


UN Upholds Moratorium on Terminator Seed Technology

Terminator Seeds

UN Upholds Moratorium on Terminator Seed Technology Worldwide Movement of Farmers, Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society Organizations Calls for Ban

Ban Terminator Campaign
News Release
31 March 2006

Southern Farmers Confront Challenge of Terminator II

Terminator Seeds

Southern Farmers Confront Challenge of Terminator II

SOURCE: PANOS, UK, by Ebenezer Bifubyeka
DATE: 13 Mar 2006

Unknown perhaps to most farmers, the governments of Australia, Canada and
New Zealand - apparently prompted by Washington - have just been trying
to get the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, or CBD, to overturn a
six-year-old moratorium on the production and use of what have come to be

'Terminator' threatens Indian farmers

Terminator Seeds

'Terminator' threatens Indian farmers

DATE: 21 Mar 2006

For centuries, Indian farmers have owned the seeds they grow, bred new
varieties and chosen seed lines, preserving its rich biodiversity.

That slowly started changing with the hybrid seeds from seed companies
and the genetically modified seeds.

The war over 'suicide seeds'

Terminator Seeds

SOURCE: CanWest News Service, Canada, by Kelly Patterson
DATE: 12 Mar 2006

Critics charge that the 'terminator' will put the global food business
into the hands of a few powerful companies

Some see them as the seeds of salvation, bringing bumper crops to
millions of struggling farmers.

Others call them "suicide seeds" that could decimate the world's food
supply, sentencing billions to starvation.

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