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Farmers Protest at US/Canada Border

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79 Vermont towns have passed measures calling for a Time Out on GMOs, and the House & Senate have now approved a measure to label all genetically engineered seeds sold in the state. Today's rally coincides with farmer protests in over 26 nations around the world to stand up for farmer's rights and food sovereignty, and say no to GMO crops and corporate 'free'-trade.

Kucinich listens to the RAGE message

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NW RAGE, along with other environmental groups in Portland, met with presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich on April 12. Representatives interested in forest activism, air pollution and toxics, and sustainability were o­n hand to discuss our environmental concerns. Dennis wanted to know what issues were important to us, so he can incorporate them into his presidential and congressional platforms. I'm always able to bring these issues up on a national level for public discussion' he said.

Dennis has introduced legislation to label GE Foods in the House of Representatives.

Pull together ... protesters vow to root out GM crops

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John Vidal
Saturday September 27, 2003
The Guardian

Professors, clergymen, politicians and professionals have signed a pledge to pull up any genetically modified crops that may be grown commercially in Britain, according to a new national group that is hoping to get 10,000 people to register their strong disapproval to the government. Buoyed by the 5 to 1 public rejection of the crops recorded in this week's national debate results, Oxford-based group Greengloves said it was hoping to get people to pledge to non-violently pull up the crops or to financially support others who do.

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