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The Franken-Grass runs WILD and FREE! Comments Needed!

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A recent study released by the EPA found GE bentgrass up to 14 miles from the test site, far outside of the buffer zones set by the Department of Agriculture. Contamination followed wind patterns and included both plants set specifically to be tests for cross-pollination and wild species that just happened to be in the neighborhood. Overall, the study found a significant number of new Round-Up Ready plants outside of the buffer zone. It also called for future studies to see if the ambitious, law-breaking grass will persist in the wild.

New California Alliance Against GE crops Forms

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As more than a dozen California counties launch campaigns to ban the
growing of genetically altered crops, a new alliance was announced today to
battle the rising threat from the biotech industry.

Called the BioDemocracy Alliance, the group combines the resources and key
staff of two groups: GMO Free Mendocino and the Organic Consumers Association.

"We formed the BioDemocracy Alliance specifically to beat back the
biotech bullies who want to undermine the rights of California counties, to

GMO? Not in my county!

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The group needs 6,200 valid signatures from registered voters. They say
they've collected nearly that many already, but invariably a quarter of
those will likely be thrown out.

Organizer Leslie Johnson, an attorney who wrote the legislation, said
signatures can be thrown out if they aren't legible, if the person has
moved and not re-registered to vote, signs the petition twice or believes
they are a registered voter but are not.

She said the goal is to collect at least 9,000 signatures.

About 50 volunteers who have named themselves Citizens for a GE-Free


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For humans, we won't overstate the case - there isn't 100% proof that the use of rBGH in cows increases antibiotic resistance and cancer rates in us. But, we won't understate the case either - there is a substantial, growing body of scientific data pointing in this direction. It defies common sense that we are human guinea pigs for this drug that has not been demonstrated to be safe and has no benefits whatsoever for the consumer.

The Franken-scientists are comming to San Francisco

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San Francisco Bay Area Residents Pledge to Shut Down Biotech Convention
in solidarity with G8 Summit protests in Georgia

Call to Reclaim the Commons unites Peace, Racial Justice, & Global Justice Movements

Mayor's Office at odds with City resolution and ordinance supporting precautionary principle

San Francisco, CA. Bay Area Peace, Racial Justice, and Global Movement
organizers have called for a mass mobilization to Reclaim the Commons, as
the biotech industry prepares for its biggest convention ever in San

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