Sustainable Agriculture
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Organic Production Works

Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Production Works

The Institute of Science in Society Science Society Sustainability

ISIS Press Release 09/12/04

A new study shows organic production outperforms conventional in crop yield, soil fertility, pest reduction and economic return. Rhea Gala reports

Sources for this report are posted on ISIS members' website.

Transition to organic production

Practical Tactics for Living a Sustainable Life

Sustainable Agriculture

How to build a just and sustainable society within the shell of the
collapsing ruins of the old unjust and unsustainable culture of death and
its associated structures of sin and violence. This is a non violent little
way of justice and peace. (2002)

1. "Where your treasure is, there will also be your heart." Spend less
money in the unsustainable and unjust corporate globalized economy. Spend
more money in the local just and sustainable grassroots economy. Where
practical, spend your money with cooperative, worker owned enterprises and

Ethical Eating and Sustainability

Sustainable Agriculture

One woman's quest to enjoy her dinner without guilt

By Amanda Paulson - Staff writer of The Christian Science Monito

MALTA, ILL. I confess: I sometimes feel guilty when I eat. Should I have paid the extra money for the organic avocados? Found hamburger meat that I'm sure was once a happy and grass-fed cow? Or not eaten the hamburger at all?

Under the pressure to equate values with actions, even what's on the dinner plate can be an accusing presence.

Non GE Technique Creates High Iron Rice

Sustainable Agriculture

Phillipines - Non-GM Techniques Produce High-Iron Content Rice

There are already successes reported in naturally breeding and selecting rice with high iron content, which would not carry the risks associated with genetic engineering.

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