Sustainable Agriculture
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Towards a Green Food System: How Food Sovereignty Can Save the Environment and Feed the World

Sustainable Agriculture

Towards a Green Food System: How Food Sovereignty Can Save the Environment and Feed the World

By Corrina Steward and Maria Aguiar, Nikhil Aziz, Jonathan Leaning and Daniel Moss
June 27th, 2007

Read the full 'Towards a Green Food System' Report here

Grassroots International:

Food and Water Watch:

FAO Promotes Organic Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

FAO Report says organic farming fights hunger, tackles climate change, good for farmers, consumers and the environment. Sam Burcher

An electronic version of this report, or any other ISIS report, with full references, can be sent to you via e-mail for a donation of £3.50. Please e-mail the title of the report to:

FAO favours organic agriculture

Yields increase, soil resilience soars; Long-term research proves organic promise

Sustainable Agriculture

By ANNE LARSON, Special to the Leopold Center

Year-by-year comparisons, ISU Organic Ag web site:

Moving from conventional to organic: What is the local payoff?

Scientists find why some plants are good neighbours

Sustainable Agriculture

Xu Jing
13 July 2007
Source: SciDev.Net

[BEIJING] Chinese scientists have discovered why an agricultural practice called 'intercropping' increases crop yields.

The discovery could help farmers cut down the amount of chemical fertiliser they use on their crops, reducing chemical pollution in soils.

The practice of intercropping " which Chinese farmers have practised for thousands of years " involves growing two or more crops in alternate rows in the same place and at same time, and can greatly increase grain yields.


Sustainable Agriculture

SOURCE: New Scientist, UK
AUTHOR: Catherine Brahic
DATE: 12.07.2007

A switch to organic farming would not reduce the world's food supply and could also increase food security in developing countries,
say the authors of a new study.

They claim their findings lay to rest the debate over whether organic farming could sustainably feed the world. Organic farming
avoids or heavily restricts the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, as well as livestock feed additives.

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