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GE bills introduced before House of Representatives


Here are the bill numbers and names:

H.R. 5266 - The Genetically Engineered Crop and Animal Farmer Protection Act

H.R. 5267 - The Genetically Engineered Pharmaceutical and Industrial Crop
Safety Act
H.R. 5268 - The Genetically Engineered Food Safety Act
H.R. 5269 - The Genetically Engineered Food Right To Know Act
H.R. 5270 - Real Solutions to World Hunger Act
H.R. 5271 - The Genetically Engineered Organism Liability Act

USA: Gov. vetoes GE seed bill in Fairfield


Gov. vetoes GE seed bill in Fairfield Veto shows 'lack of respect,' bill supporters say

Written by Ethan Dezotelle
Thursday, 18 May 2006

Gov. Jim Douglas, with Agriculture Secretary Steve Kerr, speaks at the Harold
Howrigan farm in Fairfield before vetoing S.18, the GE seed bill that would
place liability for genetic drift on seed manufacturers.

FAIRFIELD: Barring a successful effort on Thursday, June 1 from legislative

Vermont USA: Governor vetoes GE seed liability bill


SOURCE: Associated Press, by Lisa Rathke / The Boston Globe, USA
DATE: 15 May 2006

FAIRFIELD, Vt. --Gov. James Douglas on Monday vetoed a bill that would
have made seed manufacturers liable for damages caused by genetically
engineered seeds that drift into the fields of farms that do not want to
use them.

Douglas said the measure was unnecessary and divisive and would have
caused manufacturers to raise prices or restrict the seed sales in Vermont.

Vermont: Lawmakers debate future of farming


Lawmakers debate future of farming

SOURCE: Burlington Free Press, USA, by Terri Hallenbeck
DATE: 26 Apr 2006

MONTPELIER -- Mark Boivin, an Addison dairy farmer, sat in the balcony
of the House chamber Tuesday among a cluster of fellow farmers who use
-- and swear by -- genetically modified seeds.

US: House, Senate Reach Compromise on Genetic Seeds


House, Senate reach compromise on genetic seeds

SOURCE: Associated Press / WCAX-TV, USA
DATE: 20 Apr 2006

MONTPELIER, Vt. -- Manufacturers of genetically modified seeds could be
sued in state court for damages if their product drifts into the fields
of organic farmers under a compromise that was reached Thursday between
House and Senate negotiators.

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