Patents/Intellectual Property Rights
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New report: The future of seeds and food

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

Press release, 24 April 2009

Who do baby food, beer and trees belong to?

New report shows dramatic scale on which patents are currently being granted

'Wart Hogs' Seek Patent on Bumpy Pumpkins‏

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

ETC Group
News Release
2 February 2009

Message to USPTO: Squash the Patent on Bumpy Pumpkins; there's plenty of prior (w)art

Sick babies denied treatment in DNA row

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

Julie Robotham Medical Editor
November 29, 2008
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* Precious time could be lost in fight against disease

BABIES with a severe form of epilepsy risk having their diagnosis delayed and their treatment compromised because of a company's patent on a key gene.

It is the first evidence that private intellectual property rights over human DNA are adversely affecting medical care.

Testing for Breast Cancer Under Threat by Biotech Company Patent

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights


SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia
AUTHOR: Jennifer Macey
DATE: 23.10.2008

ELEANOR HALL: The Federal Government says it's extremely worried about the threat by a private company to restrict the use of a genetic test for breast cancer.

The Melbourne-based company Genetic Technologies owns the patent to test for two breast cancer genes and it has told public hospitals that it will take legal action if they don't stop conducting the test.

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