Patents/Intellectual Property Rights
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Mardi Gras Misappropriation: Sri Lankan Purple Rice Served up at Louisiana Celebration

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

Every year, usually in February but sometimes in March, the celebration of Mardi Gras (Carnival) reaches its crescendo. Especially popular in the Americas, huge Mardi Gras celebrations take place every year in places ranging from Brazil to Colombia, Trinidad, Mexico, and the US.

After opposition: Monsanto patent on tomatoes revoked

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

Monsanto implicated in “fraud and abuse of patent law”

Biotech Reels Over Patent Ruling

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

Drugs based on natural sources, such as sea-snail venom, are becoming harder to patent under US law.

Guidelines that forbid patents on a wide array of natural products, phenomena and principles have many in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries worried about the future of their business.

European Patent Office blunder leads to grant of a new patent on conventional breeding Patent granted on watermelons

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

The company, H.M. Clause, which belongs to the French co-operative group, Limagrain yesterday was granted a European Patent on watermelons (EP 1816908). The patented watermelon plant is supposedly even more multibranching and smaller fruits than usual, but this cannot be an invented trait since it is part of naturally occurring biodiversity. The patent covers the seeds, the plants and the fruits.

Genes Not Eligible for Patents

Patents/Intellectual Property Rights

US supreme court’s final ruling on breast cancer gene patents should apply to all other gene patents, especially on deadly viruses such as the recent Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome virus Prof Peter Saunders

Ban GMOs Now
Announcing a new Report from ISIS. The most complete up-to-date summary of the dangers of GM agriculture in 52 pages.

Gene patents bad for science and bad for health

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