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Nanotech's "Second Nature" Patents


ETC Group Releases New Report on Nanotechnology and Intellectual Property:

ETC Group
News Release 16 June 2005

The full text of the 36-page report is available here:
full report

Twenty-five years after the biotech industry got the green light to patent life, nanotech goes after the building blocks of life.

NANOTECH: What it is and How Corporations are Using it


NANOTECH: What it is and How Corporations are Using it
From the CorporateWatch Newsletter Issue 22 February/March 2005

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotech Cosmetics Break the Skin Barrier


By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH New York Times January 8, 2005

Procter & Gamble is about to sell ball bearings - but not the metal kind. Its minuscule mineral spheres are designed to help usher its Olay-brand body lotions deep into the skin.

Freeze 24/7, meanwhile, is pushing the muscle relaxant GABA, or gamma-amino butyric acid, a common ingredient in over-the-counter antianxiety supplements. It is not using GABA to relax minds, however. Instead, the goal is to relax the muscles that cause face wrinkles.

26 Governments Tiptoe Toward Global Nano Governance: Grey Goovernance?


ETC Group News Release Wednesday, 30 June 2004


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