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by Gregor Wolbring

July 31, 2006

Nanoforum, a group from Europe, says in its recent report on Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food that food is nanofood when "nanotechnology techniques or tools are used during cultivation, production, processing, or packaging of the food. It does not mean atomically modified food or food produced by nanomachines". Although the definition seems to be artificially narrow with this exclusion, it still gives a good idea of how much food will be nanofood in the future.

Nanoparticles in sun creams can stress brain cells


Tiny grains send cells into potentially dangerous overdrive.

Philip Ball Published online: 16 June 2006

Tiny particles like those found in some sunscreens are linked to stress in mouse cells

Tiny particles used in some sun creams have the potential to cause neurological damage, researchers in the United States have found1.

Tiny Toxins?


Tiny Toxins?

Preliminary studies suggest that some types of nanoparticles might pose a health hazard. That's bad news for nanotechnology.

By Philip E. Ross May/June 2006

Nanotech Raises Worker-Safety Questions


Nanotech Raises Worker-Safety Questions

By Rick Weiss
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, April 8, 2006; Page A01

Nanotech Product Recall Underscores Need for Moratorium: Is the Magic Gone?


Nanotech Product Recall Underscores Need for Nanotech Moratorium: Is the Magic Gone?

News Release
ETC Group
April 7, 2006

ETC Group today renewed its 2003 call for a global moratorium on
nanotech lab research and a recall of consumer products containing
engineered nanoparticles. There is particular urgency for those
products that are ingested, applied to the body or released in the
environment. The need for action is underscored following the decision

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