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EPA's Nanotech Regs: Ironic Parameters Clean-up - Clam-up - Screw-up?


News Release
ETC Group
18 October 2006

During summer vacation, the lead US environmental regulatory agency acknowledged it has approved at least 15 novel nanoscale chemicals. Earlier this year EPA sanctioned the unproven use of iron nanoparticles to clean up a pesticide dump. Hearings this week.



by Gregor Wolbring
October 15 , 2006

I recently met a traveller in the airport lounge in Frankfurt who worked in the forestry industry. We started talking, and he seemed interested in new technologies. In the end, I offered to write a column on nanoforestry for him. I must say I was surprised at the literature that already exists in this area and how little one hears about it. Whenever I mention the term I receive funny remarks. However a lot is going on.

Nanotech - Sounds Delicious!


Engineering Food at Level of Molecules

October 10, 2006

What if the candy maker Mars could come up with an additive to the coating of its M&M's and Skittles that would keep them fresher longer and inhibit melting? Or if scientists at Unilever could shrink the fat particles (and thereby the calories) in premium ice cream without sacrificing its taste and feel?

Analysis: FDA comes up short on nanotech


article source:


WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- A former high-ranking Food and Drug
Administration official says the agency lacks the funding and legal
authority to adequately regulate drugs, medical devices and other products
that incorporate nanotechnology.

"The most fundamental problem is FDA is in a severe budget crunch right now
and simply lacks resources to regulate brand new technology like this,"

Nanotech Rx: Medical Applications of Nano-Scale Technologies: What Impact on...


ETC Group 12 September 2006

ETC Group announces the release of a new report, Nanotech Rx: Medical Applications of Nano-scale Technologies: What Impact on Marginalized Communities?

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