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Roundup Doesn't Poison Only Weeds


Roundup Doesn't Poison Only Weeds

By Hervé Morin Le Monde
Saturday 12 March 2005

American Agribusiness is Making Food Less Nutritious


From: Mother Earth News mother earth news

Is Agribusiness Making Food Less Nutritious?

Growing evidence indicates that today's fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products have less vitamins and nutrients than in the past.

By Cheryl Long and Lynn Keiley

Monsanto on Buying Spree of Seed Firms


Friday, March 25, 2005
By SCOTT A. YATES Washington State Staff Writer,

SPOKANE A one-time agricultural chemical giant is going to seed. Seed companies, that is.

In the past four months, the St. Louis-based Monsanto has purchased four seed firms. Consider the record:

n March 2005: Monsanto buys NC+Hybrid a Lincoln, Neb., company involved in corn and soybean sales, for $40 million cash.

n February 2005: Monsanto announced its intention to acquire Emergent Genetics Inc. of Boulder, Colo., for $300 million. The company mainly handles cotton seed.

Analysis: The Shift from Public to Private seed Systems


A brief history of the development of the seed industry in the United States
Source The New Farm:
By Matthew Dillon
Posted February 22, 2005

Analysis: Monsanto Buys Seminis to Become the Largest Seed Corp. in the World


The biggest player in biotech is now the largest seed company in the world following a purchase worth a cool billion

By Matthew Dillon
This article first appeared in the March/April 2005 issue of Organic Broadcaster

Seminis varieties:
Seminis is a breeder, producer and/or vendor of the following varieties:

Beans: EZ Gold, Eureka, Goldrush, Kentucky King, Lynx, Bush Blue Lake 94

Carrot: Nutri-Red, Sweet Sunshine, Karina, Chantenay #1, Chantilly, Lariat

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