Industry & Government Collusion
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Canadian-Led Coup to Allow Terminator Technology Squelched at UN Meeting

Industry & Government Collusion

ETC Group News Release Friday, February 11, 2005

Suicide Seeds - Bombshell in Bangkok

Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer who was sued by Monsanto, spoke today at a UN meeting in Bangkok - harshly criticizing his governments' efforts to promote field-testing and commercialization of Terminator seeds (plants genetically-modified to render seeds sterile at harvest time).

Traitor: Canadian Government to Push for Commercialisation of Terminator Tech

Industry & Government Collusion

Canadian Government to Unleash Terminator Bombshell at UN Meeting: All-out Push for Commercialisation of Sterile Seed Technology

ETC Group News Release 7 February 2005

New agriculture secretary supports biotech and agribusiness

Industry & Government Collusion

New agriculture secretary supports biotech and agribusiness
By Jennifer Polis

Congress recently sanctioned another one of Bush's pro-corporate cabinet picks, approving Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns as the new Secretary of Agriculture. Like Ann Veneman before him, Johanns enjoys a close relationship with the biotechnology industry and is a staunch agribusiness supporter.

White House Can't Explain Huge Trade Imbalance, US Set to be Net Food Importer in 2005

Industry & Government Collusion

PEORIA JOURNAL STAR, USA, by Alan Guebert 7 Dec 2004

For nearly two years, U.S. farmers and ranchers watched as the second shoe grew bigger and bigger.

On Nov. 22, it officially dropped. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service estimates released that day, 2005 will be the first year in nearly 50 that America will not turn an agricultural trade surplus.

At F.D.A., Strong Drug Ties and Less Monitoring

Industry & Government Collusion

SOURCE: The New York Times, USA, by Gardiner Harris DATE: 6 Dec 2004

When federal drug officials suspected in 1992 that a popular allergy pill might cause heart problems, they turned to their own scientists. Their trial confirmed the danger, and the drug was pulled from the market.

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