Industry & Government Collusion
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Obama taps food-industry exec for top ag-research post

Industry & Government Collusion

BY Tom Philpott
1 OCT 2010

UP TO OLD TWIX - The long-simmering debate about Obama's ag policy -- whether it represents a new paradigm, agribusiness as usual, or some enigmatic combination -- has a new data point to consider.

Monsanto spent $2.46 million lobbying gov't in 1Q

Industry & Government Collusion

Monsanto Co. spent $2.46 million in the first quarter to lobby the federal government on a proposed changes to U.S. patent law and other agricultural issues that could affect the world's largest seed company, according to a disclosure report.

Patent issues are of vital concern to Monsanto because the company develops and sells patented genetically engineered crops. Monsanto's use of patents is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. At issue is whether Monsanto has violated antitrust laws though its tight control of patented genes.

GM Lobby Helped Draw Up Crucial Report On Britain's Food Supplies

Industry & Government Collusion

SOURCE: The Observer, UK
AUTHOR: Jamie Doward
DATE: 06.06.2010

Email trail shows how biotech group helped watchdog to draw up analysis of GM crops ... and prompted two advisers to quit

A powerful lobbying organisation representing agribusiness interests helped draft a key government report that has been attacked by environmentalists for heavily favouring the arguments of the genetically modified food industry.

Scientists Warn International Seed Laws Are Stifling Crop Diversity

Industry & Government Collusion

Stacy Morford
SolveClimate, September 8 2009

Powerful seed companies and government subsidies are weakening crop diversity and may be destroying some of the very keys to future climate adaptation, a group of researchers warns as the World Seed Conference opens today in Rome.

USDA unable to weed out unapproved modified foods

Industry & Government Collusion

Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:49pm EST

By Jasmin Melvin

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. food supply is at risk of being invaded by unapproved imports of genetically modified crops and livestock, a USDA internal audit report released Wednesday said.

The report, released by the U.S. Agriculture Department's Office of Inspector General, said the USDA does not have an import control policy to regulate imported GMO animals.

Its policy for GMO crops, though adequate now, could become outdated as other nations boost production of their own GMO crops, the report added.

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