Human/Animal Cloning
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Genetic Savings and Clone's Slimy Business Practices

Human/Animal Cloning

SOURCE: The Sacramento Bee, USA, by Edie Lau
DATE: 22 May 2005

Animal doctors may serve as a link to firm that copies cats for $32,000.

Twenty years into his career as a veterinarian, D.W. Griffin knew nothing about pet cloning beyond what he'd read in a short magazine article about an outfit that cloned a cat.

Then he met Ken Press.

A client with a dying cat, Press wanted to know if Griffin would help him save some of his beloved pet's cells so that he might possibly have the cat cloned one day.

Faking Babies

Human/Animal Cloning

The Guardian
May 19, 2005

Scientists are developing artificial wombs, sperm and eggs - but will this lead to reproduction in a dish? David Adam looks for the first synthetic human

Readers of a squeamish disposition, look away now. The following article has vivid descriptions of stomach-churning experiments, freakish deformity and sex. Lots of sex, often done very badly. You really might be better off trying Sudoku.

Fast-moving Cloning Developments Spark new Worries

Human/Animal Cloning

San Francisco Chronicle
Carl T. Hall, Chronicle Science Writer May 30, 2005

Oversight concerns shadow new technology

Rapid advances in cloning technology have prompted new warnings of lax oversight in one of the most controversial -- and confusing -- realms of science.

Nearly everyone agrees that attempting to clone a human would be unethical, yet reproductive cloning is still not a crime under federal statutes, and some analysts worry that bans in California and 10 other states may not be effective.

Name Games and the Science of Life

Human/Animal Cloning

Name Games and the Science of Life

New York Times
May 29, 2005


WHAT'S in a name? When it comes to controversial science, a lot.

Cloning and Germline Intervention: Perspectives from the US on Reproductive Tech

Human/Animal Cloning

Cloning and Germline Intervention: Perspectives from the United States on Reproductive Technologies and Biomedicine

Marcy Darnovsky of the Center for Genetics and Society
Check their website: Center for Genetics and Society
A presentation given at the Within and Beyond Human Nature conference
Berlin, Germany, October 13, 2003

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