Human/Animal Cloning
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Human/Animal Cloning

SOURCE: Nature Biotechnology, UK
DATE: 05.01.2007

As the FDA inches toward approving food products from cloned animals, the EU stays mute, setting up another potential trade conflict.

Cloned Meat: the hidden agendas (behind the other hidden agendas)

Human/Animal Cloning

posted by Pete Shanks

Who is pushing to legalize cloned meat? Follow the money -- and there are
strong connections to human genetic engineering.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s draft risk assessment leans heavily
on the work of animal-cloning companies Cyagra and ViaGen. Over a quarter of
the 700-page draft is a data dump from those two -- a fact that the New York
Times failed to mention, even when quoting the president of ViaGen saying "I


Human/Animal Cloning

Inadequate Safety Review Threatens U.S. Food Supply and Animal Welfare

For more background information, see

(December 26, 2006) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
is expected later this week to release a preliminary safety
assessment that clears the way for marketing of meat and dairy
products from cloned animals for human consumption. The
assessment and the agency's expected endorsement of cloned food
comes despite widespread concern among scientists and food
safety advocates over the safety of such products. The move to

Cloning Transgenic Animals to Cater to Industrial Animal Production Problems

Human/Animal Cloning

The goat fetus that's immune to BSE

SOURCE: New Scientist, UK
DATE: 25 Mar 2006

A CLONED goat fetus in a Texas lab is raising hopes of one day producing
herds of genetically modified cattle that are immune to BSE. Researchers
at Texas A&M University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute in New York
genetically modified the fetus to be almost completely lacking in prions,
the proteins which in their rogue form cause BSE in cattle and scrapie in

First Two Commercially Cloned U.S. Horses Thriving

Human/Animal Cloning

SOURCE: ViaGen, Inc., USA
DATE: 30 Mar 2006

ViaGen, Encore Launch International Horse Cloning Business with
Announcement of Several Famous Mare Clones

DALLAS and AUSTIN, Texas, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Livestock cloning
company ViaGen, Inc. is partnering with equine marketing firm Encore
Genetics to create the first commercial horse cloning operation in the
country. Today the companies launched the new entity with announcements
about the births of two famous horse clones and news of other pregnancies.

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