Golden Rice
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Golden Rice to hit market by 2011?

Golden Rice

- Food and Beverage News (India), Sept. 1, 2009

Golden Rice: A dangerous experiment

Golden Rice

In February 2009 a group of 22 international scientists and experts addressed an open letter to Prof Robert Russell at Tufts University School of Medicine, who is in charge of clinical trials on GM Golden Rice, protesting at clinical trials of GM Golden Rice being conducted on adults and children.[1]

The authors say that the trials breach the Nuremberg Code, brought in at the end of World War II to prevent any repetition of the experiments conducted on people by Nazi scientists.

The authors say that Golden Rice:


Golden Rice

SOURCE: Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, India; Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

AUTHOR: Agricultural biotechnology and biosafety in India: Expectations, outcomes and lessons, by A. Indira, M. R. Bhagavan & I.


DATE: 01.04.2005

8.4 The entry of ".Golden Rice". into India

Beta-carotene is a micronutrient that the human body converts to vitamin A. Clinical levels of vitamin A deficiency (VAD) can lead


Golden Rice

SOURCE: The Financial Express, India
DATE: 23.11.2006

NEW DELHI, NOV 22: The delay in the release of provitamin A rich Golden Rice for mass cultivation in India has led to an avoidable
loss of 240,000 lives, says the co-inventor of the product Ingo Potrykus.

The transgenic Golden Rice contains two novel genes - one from maize and other from a soil bacterium. It does not contain an
antibiotic resistance marker gene.

Civil Society Denounces the GE Golden Rice Deal

Golden Rice

Civil Society Denounces the GE Golden Rice Deal


The Golden Rice Deal
On Golden Pawns
Do the poor get unproven GM rice while AstraZeneca gets the Gold?

Summary: On 16 May the UK-based Gene Giant, AstraZeneca, announced that it
had struck a deal with the European inventors of the publicly funded,
genetically-modified, Vitamin-A fortified rice to make it freely available
to poor farmers in the South. The deal gives AstraZeneca commercial rights

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