Global Struggle
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GE crops in Viet Nam - Flirting with disaster

Global Struggle

Profit-driven corporations and concerned scientists face off over benefits and dire consequences of genetically modified crops

Vietnamese authorities are pursuing an ambitious plan to cover up to half of the country’s arable land with genetically-engineered crops, a move that scientists and activists say is fraught with untold dangers.

Meanwhile, genetically modified organ (GMO), proponents, mainly huge agricultural corporations, argue that they offer great economic and food security benefits as the world’s available agricultural land shrinks.


Global Struggle

HAVANA, Oct 6, 2010 (IPS/IFEJ) - The cultivation in several Cuban provinces of genetically modified maize, obtained by the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, endangers biodiversity and contradicts the government's own agricultural production plan, warns Cuban agro-ecologist Fernando Funes-Monzote.

Fighting for the Future of Food: Activists versus Agribusiness in the Struggle over Biotechnology

Global Struggle

New book announcement University of Minnesota Press

Rachel Schurman and William A. Munro

How activists changed the trajectory of the new agricultural biotechnologies

Fighting for the Future of Food tells the story of how a group of
social activists, working together across tables, continents, and the
Internet, took on the biotech industry and achieved stunning success.
Rachel Schurman and William A. Munro address society's understanding
and trust (or mistrust) of technological innovation and the
complexities of the global agricultural system providing our food.

Monsanto’s 475-Ton Seed Donation Challenged By Haitian Peasants

Global Struggle

SOURCE: Catholic News Service, USA
AUTHOR: Dennis Sadowski
DATE: 06.02.2010

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Advocates for Haitian peasants said a U.S.-based company’s donation of up to 475 tons of hybrid vegetable seeds to aid Haitian farmers will harm the island-nation’s agriculture.

The advocates contend the donation is being made in an effort to shift farmer dependence from local seed to more expensive hybrid varieties shipped from overseas.

Haitian farmers and small growers traditionally save seed from season to season or buy the seed they desire from traditional seed markets.

Fighting GMO contamination around the world

Global Struggle

ALAI, América Latina en Movimiento


Ever since GMOs were first introduced in the mid-1990s, farmers' groups and NGOs have warned that they would contaminate other crops. This has happened, just as predicted. In this article we look at how communities in different parts of the world that have experienced contamination are developing strategies to fight against it.

[Three videos accompany this article which can be viewed here:]

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