Global Struggle
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FAO declares war on farmers, not on hunger

Global Struggle

Through an open letter delivered at noon today to the Director General of FAO in Rome, hundreds of civil society organisations from across the world denounce the recent annual report of the FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organisation) as a disgraceful public relations tool for the genetic engineering industry

African groups criticise U.S. over GMO food aid

Global Struggle

"Both decisions were strongly criticised by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Food Programme (WFP) and constant pressure has been applied in both countries to remove the restrictions," the groups said.

"The scenario presented by WFP and USAID to these African countries is either they accept GM food or face dire consequences. These actions are totally unacceptable."

Venezuela to Prohibit Transgenic Crops

Global Struggle

Before a recent international gathering of supporters in
Caracas, President Chavez admonished genetically engineered crops as contrary to interests and needs of the nation's farmers and farmworkers. He then zeroed in on Monsanto's plans to plant up to 500,000 acres of transgenic soybeans in Venezuela.

"I ordered an end to the project," said President Chavez, upon learning that transgenic crops were involved. "This project is terminated."

Native Americans Denounce Genetically Engineered Foods

Global Struggle

ALBUQUERQUE, NM.--Genetic engineering of sacred foods and medicines presents unnecessary risks for Native communities and must stopped, said organizers of a recent event held to inform consumers about the dangers of genetically engineered foods.

Speaking at a press conference at La Montanita Co-op, a local health food store, Clayton Brascoupe, director of the Traditional Native American Farmers Association, said, "Very few Native people know about genetically modified foods and how they might affect our people.

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