Genetically Engineered Trees
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GE Papaya Tree Scandal In Thailand

Genetically Engineered Trees

Illegal GE seeds found in packages sold by Department of Agriculture
SOURCE: Greenpeace
DATE: 27 Jul 2004

GE papaya scandal in Thailand
Illegal GE seeds found in packages sold by Department of Agriculture

THAILAND/Khon Kaen - We warned the Thai government over a year ago not to
play with genetically engineered (GE) papaya but they didn't listen.
Although trials of the engineered food crop are banned, it seems they
couldn't resist having a go themselves. Now they have left the whole

From Chainsaws to Gene Guns

Genetically Engineered Trees

By Populus and Pseudotsuga
Earth First! Beltane 2003

The genetic engineering of trees is a continuation of civilization's domination of all that is wild.

The executives and scientists of biotech corporations can only see the forests for their genes: They are rushing to patent, control, engineer and commodify solely to increase their profits. In their blindness, they do not understand that forests are a wondrously complex and beautifully interdependent system of millions of plants, bacteria, fungi, trees, animals, and insects all with their own intrinsic right to exist.

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