Genetically Engineered Trees
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China: Genetically Modified Madness

Genetically Engineered Trees

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 85, August 2004.

Two years ago, China's State Forestry Administration approved genetically modified (GM) poplar trees for commercial planting. Well over one million insect resistant GM poplars have now been planted in China.

Also two years ago, China launched the world's largest tree planting project. By 2012 the government aims to have covered an area of 44 million hectares with trees.


Genetically Engineered Trees

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 83, June 2004.

Making clean white paper from trees is a dirty business. To make bleached kraft pulp, trees are chipped, cooked under pressure, washed and then bleached. Toxic chemicals are used in the cooking process to remove lignin, a glue-like substance that holds wood cells together and makes trees strong. As lignin causes yellowing of paper, any lignin remaining has to be bleached.

Oji Grafts Natural Eucalyptus Onto Gene-Altered Eucalyptus

Genetically Engineered Trees

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Oji Paper Co. has successfully grafted natural eucalyptus
onto genetically modified eucalyptus to create trees that grow well in
acidic soils without worry that genetically altered seeds will spread in
the environment.

The graft has the root system of a eucalyptus tree
genetically modified to absorb nutrients in acidic soils, where
eucalyptus normally does not thrive. The rest of the graft from the trunk
up is derived from a natural eucalyptus tree. Using a greenhouse isolated
from the environment, the company has verified that these trees mature

No to GM Trees

Genetically Engineered Trees

Sam Burcher reports on a global movement to ban GM trees

Some 400 GM birch trees ( Betula pendula ) in a single GM field study situated in Punkaharju, Finland have been either ripped up or cut down by unknown parties at an estimated cost of 1.21 million euros in June 2004.

After the attack, the researchers at the Finnish Forest Research claimed that their purpose was to examine the environmental risks of horizontal gene transfer. When they originally applied for permission for the field trial in 2000, however, it was to study the carbon-nitrogen processes of GM trees.

NGOs Threaten to Sue Over GMO Papaya Tree Seeds

Genetically Engineered Trees

Published on Jul 30, 2004

A group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) yesterday threatened to
sue a senior government official if relevant agencies fail to stop the
distribution of alleged genetically engineered papaya seeds within 15

Their ultimatum followed Tuesday's raid by environmentalists on an
agricultural research station in Khon Kaen where genetically modified
seeds are alleged to originate.

The station is considered the country's largest supplier of papaya seeds.

"We will lodge complaints with police and the Administrative Court against

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