Genetically Engineered Trees
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Down in the Forest, Something Stirs

Genetically Engineered Trees

Down in the Forest, Something Stirs

Jan 6th 2005 From The Economist print edition

GM Trees are on Their Way

Press Conf. Denounces UN Promotion of GE Trees for Carbon Sinks

Genetically Engineered Trees

For Immediate Release, 15 December, 2004
Contact: Anne Petermann, Co-Director, Global Justice Ecology Project,

Press Conference Denounces UN Promotion of Genetically Engineered Trees for Carbon Sinks

GM Trees are a False Option Biodiversity is the Solution

Genetically Engineered Trees

Press release 12th december 2004

In the beginning of this year three environmental organisations launched the Internet action for protesting the GM trees supportive decision made in UN Kyoto meeting in
Milano, last December.

Today there is about 300 ngo:s and almost 3000 individuals supporting the demand.

-The basic idea to reward with emission rights those western countries which would be putting up tree plantations in third world is simply false, even without GM trees, says campaigner Hannu Hyvönen by the Union of Ecoforestry in Finland.

GE Trees and Global Warming: The Myth of Carbon Offset Forestry

Genetically Engineered Trees

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Kyoto Protocal
Flexible Mechanisms for Address Global Warming
Forest as Carbon Sinks
Problems with using Forests as Carbon Sinks
Global Warming and the Timber Industry
The GE Trees Connection
End Notes
by Anne Petermann, Global Justice Ecology Project

The late-March, 2001 announcement by the Bush Administration that it was abandoning the Kyoto Protocol sent waves of frustration through the international community.

Super Trees to 'Clean' up Soil Contamination

Genetically Engineered Trees

Published: November 21, 2004

ON a fenced-in lot contaminated by mercury in Danbury, once the site of several hat factories, Jack Kozuchowski is singing the praises of some scrawny cottonwood trees. It is chilly out and drizzling rain, but the city's environmental chief seems not to notice, so excited is he about the potential of these saplings. In all, there are 60 young cottonwoods on the third-of-an-acre lot, ranging from four to seven feet tall. They are gangly and uninspiring.

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