Genetically Engineered Trees
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GE Trees: Kyoto: What's to Celebrate?

Genetically Engineered Trees

Kyoto: What's to Celebrate?

Source: The Durban Group

"We're creating a sort of 'climate apartheid,' wherein the poorest and darkest-skinned pay the highest price--with their health, their land, and, in some cases, with their lives--for continued carbon profligacy by the rich," said Soumitra Ghosh, who works with forest peoples and forest workers in India.

Better trees from GM technology?

Genetically Engineered Trees

Better trees from GM technology?

By Harvey Black

Madison, WI, Feb. 7 (UPI) -- At an abandoned hat factory in Danbury, Conn, scientists are testing genetically engineered trees to see if they can be used to remove toxic mercury from the ground.

In a laboratory in Raleigh, N.C., another group is working to modify trees to make paper production less polluting and more energy efficient.

Probiotech Article: Struggling to see the Forest Through the Trees

Genetically Engineered Trees

Struggling to see the Forest Through the Trees

Nature Biotechnology 23, 165 - 167 (2005)

Stephan Herrera

With the Kyoto treaty demanding reductions in greenhouse gases and the loss of forests outpacing their renewal by natural means, could it be time to start planting genetically engineered forests? Stephan Herrera investigates.

Transgenic Trees: Opening Pandora's Box?

Genetically Engineered Trees

Transgenic trees: Opening Pandora's box?

Technology News January 26, 2005

Genetically Engineered Trees: Promise and Concerns

Genetically Engineered Trees

Genetically Engineered Trees: Promise and Concerns

By Roger Sedjo
From: Resources for the future
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