Genetically Engineered Insects
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Release of genetically altered mosquitoes delayed

Genetically Engineered Insects

Confusion over government permits will delay the planned release of genetically altered mosquitoes in Key West for several months.

The pilot program outlined by the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District would release a test batch of about 5,000 to 10,000 mosquitoes -- the Aedes aegypti species that carries dengue fever -- that have been specifically bred to produce offspring that die young.

Once planned for January, any release now will can occur no sooner than “late spring,” said district Executive Director Michael Doyle.

GM mosquitoes: Horror story in the making?

Genetically Engineered Insects

Doc Jeyakumar makes some stinging comments about IMR’s anti-dengue programme.

SUNGAI SIPUT: The use of laboratory mosquitoes to fight dengue may turn out to be a catastrophic mistake, according to Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar, who is a respiratory physician.

The biggest danger, he said, was that the release of large numbers of genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes into the environment could cause the transformation of the mosquitoes themselves or some other insect in some unanticipated manner that might be difficult to control.

GE Varroa Control No Santa Claus

Genetically Engineered Insects

Genetically engineering varroa (Varroa destructor) mites to self destruct is no Christmas present for New Zealand’s beekeepers, according to Soil & Health Association of NZ.

“Any future for New Zealand does not include genetically engineered mites being carried around New Zealand on the back of honey bees, any more than a real Santa Claus with reindeer,” said Soil & Health – Organic NZ spokesperson Steffan Browning.

Mutant Mosquitoes Fight Dengue In Cayman Islands

Genetically Engineered Insects

LONDON (AP) — Scientists have released genetically modified mosquitoes in an experiment to fight dengue fever in the Cayman Islands, British experts said Thursday.

It is the first time genetically altered mosquitoes have been set loose in the wild, after years of laboratory experiments and hypothetical calculations. But while scientists believe the trial could lead to a breakthrough in stopping the disease, critics argue the mutant mosquitoes might wreak havoc on the environment.


Genetically Engineered Insects

Biologists have inserted spider genes into silkworms, allowing them to produce strong, elastic threads that may be used to make sutures and wound-healing bandages as well as bulletproof vests and lightweight fabrics, researchers said Wednesday.

Malcolm Fraser Jr., a University of Notre Dame professor of biological sciences, called the development significant because it could allow for widespread production of spider silk-like thread, something scientists have long pursued because it is strong and flexible and has many uses.

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