Genetically Engineered Animals
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Genetically Engineered Animals

SUMMARY: "Scientists in Dubai say they have taken an important step towards creating a genetically modified camel that produces medicinal protein in its milk, which could help to treat thousands of genetic diseases as well as diabetes, obesity and emphysema. The Camel Reproduction Centre has produced cells carrying artificially introduced genes similar to those of humans. That takes them closer to creating a camel that can provide products such as human insulin in its milk. [...] “We are now trying to produce more babies,” Dr Wani said.


Genetically Engineered Animals

SUMMARY: "Genetically-modified lamb with a ‘healthy’ type of fat naturally found in fish and nuts have been cloned for the first time, by Chinese scientists. ‘Peng Peng’ was born a month ago at a laboratory in Xinjiang, western China. He has a gene from a roundworm which makes him produce fat containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, as is found in oily fish like salmon. [...] Dr Yutao Du, of the Beijing Genomics Institute in Shenzhen, southern China, said [...] that BGI was now “ready for the industrial-scale development” of GM sheep.

Death knell may sound for 'Enviropigs'

Genetically Engineered Animals

Group pulls funding, genetically modified animals may be euth

Pigs that might have become the world's first genetically modified
animals approved for human consumption may instead face an untimely
end, as key backers of Canada's "Enviropig" project withdrew their
support for the controversial engineered animal.

Scientists at the University of Guelph, 90 km west of Toronto, bred
the first GMO pig that was developed to address an environmental
problem in 1999. The animal - known as Enviropig - digests its feed


Genetically Engineered Animals

SUMMARY: "U.S. scientists have developed a strain of green-glowing cats with cells that resist infection from a virus that causes feline AIDS, a finding that may help prevent the disease in cats and advance AIDS research in people. [...] ”This provides the unprecedented capability to study the effects of giving AIDS-protection genes into an AIDS-vulnerable animal,” Dr. Eric Poeschla of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who led the study, said in a telephone interview."

Frankenswine: Pigs Genetically Modified Not To Smell

Genetically Engineered Animals

It looks, sounds and, according to its creators, tastes like a normal pig.

But this is no ordinary farmyard animal. The specially-bred Yorkshire pig is the first of a new generation of ’Frankenswine’ – genetically modified hogs designed to be cheaper and greener.

The creators of the GM superpig, nicknamed the Enviropig, say its manure contains less phosphorus than normal slurry and poses less risk to rivers, streams and lakes.

But critics of GM food said the animals are ’anything but environmentally friendly’ – and could lead to more intensive pig farms.

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