GE Failures & Contaminations
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GE Failures & Contaminations

SUMMARY: "Pregnant goats fed with genetically engineered (GE) soybeans have offspring who grow more slowly and are shorter, according to a new Italian study (Tudisco et al., 2015). Publishing in the journal of Small Ruminant Research, the researchers were testing the results of supplementing the feed of female goats with Roundup Ready GE soybeans. "

The reduced growth of the goat kids was attributed by the researchers to their observation that the milk of the GE-fed mothers was significantly less nutritious and contained less of the IgG antibodies important for early growth.

Why makers of genetically engineered grass hope Oregonians have a short memory (OPINION)

GE Failures & Contaminations

High on a wind-swept, mountain-ringed plateau in Central Oregon, an ocean of natural grasses, sagebrush and juniper sweeps across the Crooked River National Grassland for thousands of acres. In this pristine, high desert landscape roamed by antelope and mountain lions and patrolled by falcons, eagles and hawks, the last thing you'd want to see is an invasion of a highly intrusive, genetically engineered (GE) strain of creeping bentgrass designed specifically for golf courses.

Monsanto, Scotts Seek Approval for Golf Grass Gone Wild

GE Failures & Contaminations

NW RAGE: Monsanto (NYSE: MON) and Scott's grew this grass in Eastern Oregon where it has contaminated vast areas of land, negatively affecting the ecosystem and spreading it's GE pollen far and wide.

California EPA Moves to Label Monsanto's Roundup 'Carcinogenic'

GE Failures & Contaminations

The California Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it plans to label glyphosate — the most widely used herbicide and main ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup — as a chemical "known to cause cancer." The World Health Organization's research arm also recently found that the chemical is probably carcinogenic to humans, and research has also linked glyphosate to the steep decline of monarch butterflies.


GE Failures & Contaminations

SUMMARY: "India's overall crop losses are expected to be light, because the states are not major producing centres, but the pest attack is inflaming debate over the usage of GM crops."

Two Indian states are suffering the first major pest infestation since the country adopted genetically modified cotton in 2002, raising concerns over the vulnerability of the lab-grown seeds that yield nearly all of the cotton in the world's top producer.

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