GE Failures & Contaminations
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GE Failures & Contaminations

SUMMARY: "Farmers in Punjab and Haryana are perturbed over a sense of deja vu they are experiencing ever since the attack of the pest - the whitefly - on their BT cotton crop."

Biotech Industry Truth: Genetic Engineering Is Not So Precise

GE Failures & Contaminations

The reality surrounding the broadly acknowledged uncertainty inherent within definitions of the gene and outdated interpretations of molecular biology stand in stark contrast to the language that continues to flow from industry. For example, Croplife International, the global federation representing the plant science [including genetic engineering] industry, defines biotechnology in simplistic and misleading terms. This is the first paragraph taken from the biotechnology section of the Croplife International website –

Oregon farmers battle over GMO control

GE Failures & Contaminations

Oregon farmers are suffering real financial losses because of contamination from nearby genetically engineered crops, a Legislative committee heard Thursday.

“We lose money when we have a GMO contamination event, which I’ve had happen twice,” said Don Tipping, an organic seed grower from Williams. “We lost money directly, as have other growers.”

More than two dozen people testified at a hearing on HB 4122, which would repeal 2013 legislation prohibiting local governments from regulating crops or seeds.

Multi-toxin resistance enables pink bollworm survival on Bt cotton

GE Failures & Contaminations

Two-toxin Bt cotton faces rapid redundancy in India, study finds

In an attempt to counter pest resistance to Bt crops, many growers have switched from GM crops that produce one Bt toxin to those producing two or more Bt toxins that kill the same pest. The idea behind such “pyramid” crops is that insects resistant to one toxin are killed by another.

But in a laboratory study, researchers produced rapid resistance in pink bollworms to two-toxin Bt cotton.


GE Failures & Contaminations

SUMMARY: "Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its newest data on the organic sector, featuring results from a survey of organic farmers conducted earlier this year."

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