GE and Your Health
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GE and Your Health

SOURCE: Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka
AUTHOR: Editorial
DATE: 10.09.2008

Genetic engineering (GE) is currently the largest human and ecological experiment in history. GE enables scientists to manipulate the genes of all living things in ways that never occur in nature. The new bio-technologies that manipulate the genes of micro-organisms including bacteria and viruses, seeds, fish, animals and humans are dogged by controversy and uncertainties. We do not have clear answers to many questions.


GE and Your Health

SOURCE: InfoChange News & Features, India
AUTHOR: Rashme Sehgal
DATE: 01.07.2008

In this interview, leading scientist Dr P M Bhargava, who first coined the term 'genetic engineering' in a syndicated article in 1973, warns against genetically modified (GM) foods being pushed into the Indian market without appropriate safety assessment to ensure that they do not increase health risks.

Why Schools Should Remove Gene-Altered Foods from Their Cafeterias

GE and Your Health

By Jeffrey M. Smith
Comanche County Chronicle, Elgin, OK, September, 2008

from Institute for Responsible Technology, Spilling the Beans newsletter on GM Foods
by Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception

FDA report revealed consumers are not behind clones

GE and Your Health

SOURCE: Food Navigator, France
AUTHOR: Chris Jones
DATE: 03.19.2008

19-Mar-2008 - An internal report by the US FDA suggested that there was little or no support among Americans for food from cloned animals, a protest group has claimed.

The FDA issued its final risk assessment on produce from cloned animals and their offspring on January 15 in which it said the evidence showed there was no risk to human health. Such food products will not need to be labeled as originating from cloned animals.

BT Allergy in North India Crying Out for Attention

GE and Your Health
The Institute of Science in Society - Science Society Sustainability

Letters to the Editor
Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura

BT Allergy in North India Crying Out for Attention

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