Ethics Debate
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Edward O. Wilson Works to Preserve Biodiversity yet Supports Genetic Engineering

Ethics Debate

Pulitzer prize winner works to preserve biodiversity

Thursday, January 26, 2006
By Benjamin Jones and Drew Hamm

World-renowned biologist Professor Edward O. Wilson spoke to students, faculty and members of the Madison community about biodiversity and the destruction of ecosystems Wednesday night.

Wilson, a Pellegrino University Research Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, spoke as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series put on by the Wisconsin Union Directorate.

GE Crops: Vatican views are under delicate strain

Ethics Debate

Friday, February 3, 2006
By Tony Barber

If the Vatican were to endorse genetically modified organisms, it would have a profound impact on global discussion of the issue. With a flock of 1.1bn faithful, the Roman Catholic church's ethical messages penetrate the whole world.

But GMOs are a divisive issue in the church, pitting clergymen sympathetic to their use (who have enthusiastic support from the US embassy to the Holy See) against others who express opposition.

What Is Wrong with Nature?

Ethics Debate

What Is Wrong with Nature?

Synthesis/Regeneration 18 (Winter 1999)
Ecological Balance and Biological Integrity

by Ricarda Steinbrecher, Women's Environmental Network

If we are to believe the advertisements and the bold promises of the biotech industry, world hunger will soon be a problem of the past. There will be no further threat to the environment, wildlife or biodiversity through modern agriculture, which depends so heavily on chemicals.


Ethics Debate


SOURCE: Ram's Horn #234, Canada, by Brewster Kneen
DATE: Nov-Dec 2005

I have long been somewhat puzzled by the very aggressive role played by
the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in the promotion of
biotechnology and genetically engineered crops around the world,
particularly in Africa. The most obvious explanation: the US Government

With an agriculture like this, who needs terrorists?

Ethics Debate

With the GM-lobby, the US Government, USAID and the "food"-distributing
US NGOs as well as the corporations around, who needs to bother with
other "Agri-Terrorists" ?
*Already true: With an agriculture like today's, nobody needs terrorists!*

"In the end - they will lay their freedom at our feet and
(--The Grand Inquisitor, in The Brothers Karamazov,
by Dostoevsky)*


In contrast to the traditional goals of plant breeding, the main goal of
today's genetic engineering is not to provide healthier, more ecological

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