Ethics Debate
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Permanently changing a species: What could go wrong?

Ethics Debate

No commercial or environmental release of gene drives, says Friends of the Earth

The National Academies of Sciences released a new report today, which calls for robust safety assessments for “gene drive modified organisms.” The NAS says the controversial new genetic engineering technology is not ready for release into the environment.

The Complexity of Reductionism: A Case Study of Genetic Engineering

Ethics Debate

As Albert Einstein famously said – “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” In my opinion, there is no area where this statement holds more relevance today than in relation to our tendency to view problems in isolation, to oversimplify complex discussions – reductionism.

The Conflict Between Human Rights And Biotechnological Evolution

Ethics Debate

In 1997, Dolly the sheep became the first mammal ever to be successfully cloned. This was a major breakthrough in the field of genetic engineering and since then scientists worldwide have been trying to replicate the success in other mammals such as pigs, mice, cows, primates and even humans. However, the idea of genetic modification by using biotechnology existed way before Dolly did and was a cornerstone to the Nazi ideology and eugenics was used as a justification to commit heinous crimes against humanity such as genocide.[1]

GMO or No: Problematic Intersections of Religion, Biotechnology, and Food

Ethics Debate

Why is genetically modified food an issue for kosher Jews, halal Muslims, and vegetarian Hindus? How do religious beliefs intersect with ethical and moral views on biotechnology? A new collection of essays explores the links between religion, culture, and GMOs.

GM Foods: The Islamic Perspective

Ethics Debate

The Islamic perspective on genetically modified foods, much like that of other religions, is complex and goes deeper than simply a determination of whether a certain food is halal or not (although that is certainly part of it).

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