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Latin America Data Base
PUBLICATION: Latin America Press
DATE: 15 August 2006
Latin America Data Base - 15 Aug 2006

Under CAFTA, indigenous heritage becomes intellectual property for the
United States.

Indigenous communities and environmentalists call it biopiracy;
international pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers call it
bioprospecting. Whatever one chooses to call it, the Free Trade
Agreement between the United States and Central America and the
Dominican Republic (CAFTA) has opened the door to foreign ownership of

Google accused of bio-piracy


Google accused of bio-piracy

Andrew Donoghue
March 29, 2006, 18:15 BST

First it was China, now it's genetics; Google is in hot water with privacy advocates again

Search giant Google has been accused of being the "biggest threat to genetic privacy" for its alleged plan to create a searchable database of genetic information.

And the Winners Are...Captain Hook and Cog Awards


And the Winners Are...
The winners of the Captain Hook Awards for Biopiracy announced in Curitiba today are an eclectic group that includes old favorites and new up-and-comers; Community-based biodiversity efforts win Cog Awards for defending food sovereignty

News Release
ETC Group and the Coalition Against Biopiracy
March 24, 2006

Creating a Network Against Biopiracy


Creating a Network Against Biopiracy

Article from Inter Press Service. Date: 27 March 2006
Mario Osava

CURITIBA, Brazil, Mar 27 (IPS) - Two patents granted in the United States between 2000 and 2002 and another for which an application
has been filed have put "maca", a high altitude Andean plant that is used by indigenous people in Peru, at the centre of a new

Brazil grapples with jungle piracy dilemma


AUTHOR: Terry Wade PUBLICATION: Reuters Features DATE: 15 March 2006

BIO-IPR docserver -

Reuters - 15 March 2006 By Terry Wade

SAO PAULO, Brazil, March 15 (Reuters) - In 1999, a young Brazilian
botanist named Eliana Rodrigues dug through forests in an ambitious
project with Krao Indians to collect and identify 400 tropical plants
and berries they use as medicine.

Proud of being socially conscious, she and her research partner, Dr

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