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Gates Foundation: stop 'biopirated' GMO banana feeding trials


The Gates Foundation has received a 57,000 strong petition denouncing its support for a 'biopirated' GM banana program in Africa, and calling on it to suspend a feeding trial on US students, writes Vanessa Amaral-Rogers. The banana threatens both the health of the students, say campaigners, and the future of African agriculture.

Beta carotene is chemically related to compounds that are known to cause birth defects and other problems in humans at extremely low levels, and these toxic chemicals are possible if not likely by-products of the GM bananas.

Monsanto bio-piracy supported by European Patent Office


Patent granted on screening biodiversity in soybean plants for climate adaption

Press release by No Patents on Seeds

Biopiracy of Turkey's purple carrot


Austin, Texas, 20 Feb (Edward Hammond*) -- Agribusiness giant Monsanto is marketing a purple carrot originating in Turkey over which it claims plant variety rights.

Anthonina is a Monsanto offering in the growing market for richly coloured carrots - red, gold, white and, in this case, purple, a colour particularly associated by health-conscious consumers with anthocyanin "antioxidants", the natural plant pigments believed to protect against heart disease.

Controversy With The Doomsday Vault


saving seeds is a noble enterprise especially in this day and age of rapidly declining biodiversity and increased reliance on monocrops

Saving seeds has been a noble enterprise for centuries and has taken on greater significance in food production in this day and age of rapidly declining biodiversity, increased climate pressure and reliance on monocrops.

As National Geographic reported last July:



SUMMARY: "The already-explosive politics surrounding genetically-modified eggplant in India is getting still more explosive with a government agency’s decision to prosecute the developers of the insect resistant-eggplant eggplant. [...] The controversial move by NBA is based on a complaint filed in 2010 by the Bangalore-based Environment Support Group, which alleges that the developers violated India’s Biological Diversity Act of 2002 by using local eggplant varieties in developing Bt eggplant without prior approval from NBA."

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