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FPA Questions Proposed Use of Food Crops to Produce Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals


SOURCE: Food Products Association, USA
DATE: 3 Jun 2005

(Washington, D.C.) - In comments filed on June 2 with the U.S. Department
of Agriculture, the Food Products Association (FPA) expressed its strong opposition to the use of food crops to produce PMPs (plant-made pharmaceuticals) in the "absence of controls and procedures that ensure essentially 100% protection of the food supply."

State Rejects Proposal For Genetically Engineered Algae


State Rejects Proposal For Genetically Engineered Algae

DATE: 24 May 2005

State Rejects Proposal For Genetically Engineered Algae

HONOLULU -- A local biotechnology company's plans to grow a genetically engineered strain of algae ran into a roadblock Tuesday.

The Slow Death of "Edible Vaccines" from GE Pharma Crops


Dear GENET-news readers,

proponents of GE pharma crops have tried for years to create the impression that with these GE plants vaccination could be done simply by eating GE pharma bananas instead of using the syringe. Also the price of vaccines would fall drastically because the production costs should be only a fraction of the current costs. So, GE pharma crops would be a great thing for helping children in developing countries. Nobody had the moral right to argue against these GMOs: "'It's very hard to be pro- infant mortality,' Dr. Arntzen notes dryly." in an 2001 article on the issue.

Boon or Bust? Opinion Divided over Agragen Project will be a help or Hindrance


Boon or Bust? Opinion Divided over whether Agragen Project will be a help or Hindrance to flax Industry

SOURCE: Grand Forks Herlad, USA, by Ann Bailey
grand forks article
DATE: 9 May 2005

Competition Grows in the Biopharming Market


SOURCE: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, USA, by Nancy Cole posted by, Switzerland
5 May 2005

The bad news for Ventria Bioscience, the California based biopharmaceutical company that drew rice-industry opposition for plans to produce human proteins in Missouri Bootheel fields, may not be over yet.

A Houston-based biotechnology firm claims it already manufactures pharmaceutical-grade human lactoferrin at costs similar to those estimated by Ventria.

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