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Citizens Sue For Environmental Review Of Biopharm Algae in Hawai'i


SOURCE: EarthJustice, USA
DATE: 2 Aug 2005

Citizens Sue For Environmental Review Of Biopharm Algae in Hawai'i Lawsuit Seeks Further Study of Consequences of Genetically Modified Microorganisms

Hawaii: State board OKs genetically modified microalgae on Big Island


SOURCE: Associated Press
DATE: 29 Jun 2005

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - The state Board of Agriculture gave its approval today to test and grow a genetically modified microalgae at a lab near Kona.

Mera Pharmaceuticals will begin the process immediately to import the microalgae from a California laboratory, even as opponents seek to block the permit. The permit was approved on a six-to-two vote after nearly three hours of testimony and an hour of discussion.

Pharming Underground


Popular Science
July, 2005

Don't tell anyone, but Doug Ausenbaugh has built an underground drug farm "in bucolic southern Indiana, no less. It's cleverly cached in an old limestone mine near the hamlet of Marengo. There, carefully cultivated stalks flourish under the glare of artificial lights and the rainlike spatter of drip irrigation.

AmeriFlax Reiterates Opposition to Pharmaceuticals from Flax


SOURCE: Grqand Forks Herald, USA, by Ann Bailey
DATE: 13 Jun 2005

FARGO, N.D. - North Dakota's flax industry is strengthening its opposition to the proposal of a Grand Forks, N.D., company to make pharmaceuticals from flax.

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