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Ventria Moves to Missouri due to Opposition in California


Biotech Firm Moving Away

Ventria had been Targeted in State by Opponents of Genetically Modified Crops

By Mike Lee -- Sacramento Bee Staff Writer
Saturday, November 20, 2004

Sacramento biotech company Ventria Bioscience is moving its headquarters and
controversial field trials of genetically engineered plants to Missouri. Officials at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville said the move could help turn the school into a center for plant-made pharmaceutical production.

No Means No - Keep the Drugs Out of Our Food!


Controversy swirls at the crossroads of agriculture and medicine
By Alla Katsnelson
September 20, 2004

Farming, one of the world's oldest practices has suddenly found itself entangled with modern medicine. Imagine this: at your child's
appointment for a routine vaccination, the doctor proffers a banana genetically engineered to contain the vaccine and says, "Have her eat
this and call me in the morning". Though still farfetched, the scenario is getting closer to reality, with the first batch of plant-made

Biopharming Scares Kraft / General Mills


Biotech request alarms food industry

The Grocery Manufacturers of America is concerned about ProdiGene's plans
to grow biotech corn in Texas.

Washington, D.C. - A biotech company is seeking federal approval to begin
regular production of pharmaceutical corn crops, a move that has alarmed
the U.S. food industry.

The Texas-based company, ProdiGene Inc., gave the biotech industry a
black mark two years ago when it was caught mismanaging field trials of
genetically modified crops in Iowa and Nebraska.

ProdiGene, which is commercializing two medical products made from

Show me the Biopharming!


Judge orders USDA to ID biocrop locales

HONOLULU -- A federal judge has ordered the U.S. Department of
Agriculture to identify where four companies are performing open-field
testing of genetically modified crops in Hawaii.

U.S. District Judge David Ezra on Wednesday said the government must
reveal the locations to the environmental watchdog group Earthjustice and
the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit group that tracks food production

The groups sued the government in November, alleging that the agency has

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